How to Repair Your Paving

So, you have spent a fair amount of money on your outdoor space. We all love spending time in your gardens when the weather is nice and have an attractive patio and outdoor space plays a part in that enjoyment. That is why when you find something wrong with your paving, it can ruin your day and mean that you don’t enjoy your garden as much as you should.

Paving in your garden isn’t cheap and it can cost a small fortune to have it replaced, especially when it could be repaired with just a little work. But, how do you know if your paving can be fixed and how can you repair it? Well, let’s find out so you can get your garden ready for the summer and not have to pay out a fortune!


Loose Paving

Has your paving started to become wobbly when it is walked on? This is just because your paving has become loose and this will simply have to be re-bedded, which isn’t as big a job as you think. Paving can become wobbly over time and it won’t take you long to have this fixed. To begin, simply lift up the paving slab that is causing you the problems. Then you can apply some mortar to make sure that this paving will be secure again once it is placed back. You should place the mortar in the space where the paving was and tap down your slab into the space again so that it sticks to the mortar. This acts as a glue that will hold it in place. Now your paving should be sturdy to walk on after a few hours and it will no longer wobble – problem solved!


Loss of Jointing

If the joints in between your paving are missing, this means you have got to keep them topped up to stop further problems arising later down the line. This may be caused by a lot of water and rain or it could have been caused if your pavement has moved and it has become loose. Plus, it can also mean that weeds grow and it brings down the design of your garden.

But, the good news is that this is easy to fix and just requires you to brush some extra sand into the joints. For example, you can use the Pavetuf Jointing Brush In Compound for between the joints of your paving. This sand can be used in all weathers and it is easy to apply just using water and a brush. Not only it is going to stop the problems you have been experiencing, but it will also inhibit weed growth so that you have less garden maintenance to do. It is safe to use around pets and it is even eco-friendly. Doesn’t that sound great? What’s more, it can be used for all kinds of natural stone, such as granite, as well as concrete and artificial stone, without it affected the look and design of it.


Bad Stains

After a bad winter, it is common for your outdoor paving to look older than it actually is. Stains and bad marks can bring down the whole design of your garden. But, the good news is that this is easy to fix and will only require some scrubbing and cleaning to get them as good as new before you know it. So, all you need is a quality cleaner and you are ready to get your paving in your garden back to its best.

If your paving is looking green, you can choose the Lithofin Algex Algae Remover. This is going to lift off all of the algae from the paving and make it look as good as new again. This is a water-soluble cleaning solution that is free from chlorine or acid. What’s more, it won’t just clean your paving, but it will also have a preventive effect, making sure there is no algae build-up later in the year.

For any dark stains that you have, try the Lithofin Sealant Stain Stop. This can be used on natural stones and will not change the colour of your paving; it will just help to improve the look of stains and get them back to their best.


Small Cracks

If you can see small cracks or chips in your paving, there may be a way that you can make it look a little better for friends and family coming over. All you will need to do is fill in the small cracks with some cement. This can easily be done with Paving Superstore Cement and it will make sure that the cracks are no longer as visible and eye-catching as they seem right now. You can use this cement mix with a sharp sand and it is going to offer the coverage that you need.