Month: July 2014

5 Tips For Garden Rockery Designs

Rockery Design Ideas

The use of rockery in your garden can be a fantastic way of adding extra textures, heights and colours to your outside space. It can work as a focal point or feature, or away of concealing a particular area that you want to hide. Garden rockery doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it… Read more »

Garden Border Design Ideas

Garden Borders

If you’re spending money on revamping your garden, it’s a given that you want people to notice. Perhaps you want it to look similar and fit in with the other gardens on your street, but need some ideas on how to do it well. Or perhaps you want your garden to look different and stand… Read more »

6 Garden Makeover Ideas

Garden Makeover Ideas

At last, the seldom seen British summer has arrived and we all want to spend some time in the garden. However, is your garden looking a bit drab and worse for wear after the lack of sunlight? Do you need some advice on how to give it a lift? These tips could help you this… Read more »

5 Ideas For Garden Pond Designs

Pond Design

A pond can be a fantastic addition to your garden, especially when done right. However, it is sometimes difficult to decide which style, size and or shape pond would be best. If you need some guidance about how you can liven up your pond area, these design ideas may just help you! 1. Reuse and… Read more »

5 Tips For How To Landscape Your Garden

landscaped garden

For many people, landscaping your own garden can be an incredibly daunting concept. In reality, with careful planning and consideration it can be straightforward and very rewarding. Ditch the mindset that you need professional help and follow these tips! 1. Budget Before you even imagine what you might want your garden to look like, it… Read more »

Family Garden Design Ideas

family garden

When you have a family, it can be difficult to ensure that your garden is designed to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of age. These tips are definitely something to keep in mind! Be Practical Practicality is one of the most important aspects of a family garden considering it will be used in so many ways:… Read more »

5 Paving Ideas For Small Gardens

paving ideas for a small garden

With a small garden, it’s often hard to imagine interesting and effective paving designs. Hopefully these few tips should spark some inspiration and help you to achieve a small garden you can be proud of. 1. Experiment With Size And Shapes In a small garden, you probably won’t have much floor space to put different… Read more »

Accesible Garden Ideas for Children

children gardening

If you have children, you may find it difficult to tear them away from the television and persuade them to go outside into the garden. Or perhaps your children would like to spend time in the garden, but you need tips on how to make it more child friendly. These ideas should help you. Play… Read more »

Patio Ideas For Those On A Budget

patio on a budget

Does your garden need to be spruced up, or your patio replaced? Short on money? Not to worry, these patio tips are perfect. Stepping Stones Stepping stones are a cheaper alternative to a full patio as fewer slabs or stones are required. Not only is this cost effective, whichever colour or pattern you choose will… Read more »

10 Tips To Help Improve Your Front Garden

Tips for your front garden

Your front garden is the first impression people will get of your home, but making it look perfect can be tricky. Here are 10 easy and inexpensive tips to spruce it up! 1. Paint the front door It doesn’t take long for front doors to look a bit shabby, but tidying them up is incredibly… Read more »