Month: August 2014

Tips on Creating the Perfect Path

Tips On Creating the Perfect Path

Do you think a path would finish off your newly landscaped garden nicely, but aren’t sure where to start? Or do you simply want to spruce up your existing garden path to make it look more interesting? With such a wide choice of style, colour and shape of stones, it’s difficult to decide what is… Read more »

Tips on Creating A Window Box

Tips On Creating A Window Box

Do you have little in the way of outside space but still want to inject some colour outside your house? Or perhaps you just want to add some extra finishing touches to your garden. A window box could be the perfect solution. Read this guide on how to get the most out of yours. Group… Read more »

The Best Shade Tolerant Plants

The Best Shade Tolerant Plant

Your garden might not be in the prime position for sunlight, but that’s not to say that you can’t still enjoy plants there. You may also have a shaded corner of your garden that’s looking a little empty. This guide should help you to choose which plants are right for your shaded area, and won’t… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for September

Gardening Tasks For September

September is the month where the weather becomes cooler and more breezy, and the increasingly shorter days will be more noticeable. It’s the time of year when, if you grow fruit or vegetable plants, you can reap the rewards of your earlier hard work, and when you should begin planting bulbs for spring-flowering plants for… Read more »

Patio Cleaning Tips

Patio Cleaning Tips

Inevitably, with the task of laying your perfect patio comes the task of cleaning it. This can be a boring task, but, given the harsh elements that your patio is exposed to during the year it is necessary. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or which products and techniques to… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Vegetable Patch

Planning The Perfect Vegetable Patch

When most people imagine a traditional, homely garden, a perfect vegetable patch is usually involved. However, a full scale patch that will produce enough to supply your vegetable needs is not realistic for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and what you grow; hopefully this guide can help you! Plan… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for August

Gardening Tasks for August

The weather has (finally) picked up, the sun is shining, the children are playing and you are ready to relax. However, it is important that, as well as enjoying your summer, you keep up to date with your gardening tasks. Some are quick and simple and won’t keep you from the sun lounger too long,… Read more »

Ideal Plants For Your Rockery

Rockery Plants

Now that you have decided which rocks and stones to include, you will probably want to know which plants or flowers will be best to compliment them. However, it’s not as simple as deciding which plants you like best, it’s important that they will survive in an area as dry as around rockery. This guide… Read more »