Month: October 2014

Winter Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Winter Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Just because the days are becoming duller, colder and shorter, it doesn’t mean your garden has to be quite so horrible to look at. There are plenty of trees and shrubs that flower and actually look their best during the winter, so it’s still possible to inject a bit of life into your garden at… Read more »

How to Prune Apple Trees

How to prune apple trees

Apple trees can be a great addition to any garden, in spite of its size, because they are so versatile. However, Apple trees flower and the fruit grows on strong stubby twigs known as spurs. It is because of these spurs that the apple trees need regular pruning. If you aren’t sure how to go… Read more »

How to Use Art in Your Garden

How to use Art in your garden

You’ve planted borders, you’ve bought some new garden furniture and you’ve got some bright accessories, but you aren’t quite satisfied that your garden looks the best it could. What else is there to do? Introduce some art! Some of you will be more daring and will invest in some serious pieces of artwork, but it… Read more »

Garden Tasks for November

Garden tasks for November

By November, winter is in full swing and you probably want to spend as little time outside in the cold as possible. However, it is important that you continue to give your garden some attention in order to keep it in condition for when summer finally makes an appearance. Keep your Borders Tidy Unruly, withered… Read more »

10 Tips for Creating a Compost Heap

10 Tips for creating a compost heap

You’re probably well aware of the positive impacts homemade compost can have on plants and flowers, but you’ve never gotten round to starting your own compost heap. Compost heaps require very little effort once you’ve started, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will provide you with eight top tips… Read more »

Maintaining a Perennial Garden

Maintaining a Perennial Garden

If you’re looking for a fairly low-maintenance garden that will look good all year round, a perennial garden could be for you. Of course, there is a small amount of maintenance that you should do in order to keep it looking its best. This guide should advise you what to do with which plants, which… Read more »

Tips on Building a Raised Bed Garden

Tips on building a raised bed garden

Raised bed gardens can be really useful for growing plants, in particular fruits and vegetables. Plants are better protected from pests and animals if raised and the soil drainage in these raised beds is much better. They are also a good way of getting round the problem of having poor soil and are helpful for… Read more »

How to Make your Garden more Private

How to make your garden more private

You’ve spent all summer (and lots of effort and money) into making your garden the perfect place to relax and you want to make the most of the little sun that’s left. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to relax in your garden when you know that your neighbours could easily peer over. However, most of… Read more »

Dealing with Slugs and Snails in your Garden

Dealing with Slugs and Snails in your Garden

No one wants their effort, time and money put into buying, planting and maintaining plants put to waste by the common garden pests that are slugs and snails. How do I tell which is the problem? While, at first, it may seem difficult to know whether it is slugs or snails (or both) that are… Read more »