Month: January 2015

How to Rabbit-Proof Your Garden

How to Rabbit-Proof Your Garden

It can be difficult knowing what methods will be effective in stopping animals from doing what you wish they wouldn’t, with money and effort always in the back of your mind. In general, the smaller the animal, the more difficult the task as they always seem to find a way around whatever you put in… Read more »

Tips For Alternatives to Fence Panels

Alternative to Fence Panels

The easy and go-to option for creating privacy or boundaries in a garden is traditional wooden fence panels. You might feel, however, that fence panels are a little boring and want to choose something more interesting, or less common for your garden. If you are finding it difficult to decide on an alternative to fence… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for February

Garden Tasks for February

With each new month comes a new list of what must be done around the house, including in the garden. By February, we are beginning to venture into Spring, meaning that as temperatures and the length of days increase, we’ll see more flowering plants and wildlife in our gardens. If you don’t know where to… Read more »

Top 5 Garden Gadgets

Top 5 Garden Gadgets

Gardening can be a very time consuming task that requires a great deal of effort and we are always looking for a way to make it easier. However, considering there is such a wide range of different garden gadgets, and even many that do the same thing, it can be hard to tell which gadgets… Read more »

How to Incorporate Solar Power into Your Garden

How to Incorporate Solar Power in your Garden

Not only is solar power better for the environment, it will, of course, help you to save money. This is especially useful when you consider the money you spend on landscaping and maintaining your garden, before any electrical costs are considered. Are you unsure of how you could incorporate solar power into your garden? This… Read more »

7 Cheap Ways to Landscape

7 Cheap Ways to Landscape

If you’ve had the same garden layout for a few years now, you may have become bored and want to try out something new. Landscaping your garden can seem like a complicated and expensive task, especially if you feel you need to hire a landscape gardener to do the job for you. However, in truth,… Read more »

How to Conserve Water and Still Keep A Beautiful Garden

How to Conserve Water

We’re all very aware of how important it is to conserve as much water as possible, but it can be difficult to know how to. This can especially be the case if you’re an avid gardener and want to keep all of your plants in tip top condition. However, you shouldn’t worry because saving water… Read more »

Tips on How to Harden Off Plants

Tips on how to harden off plants

If your plants have been raised indoors or in a greenhouse, they’ll probably need to go through a ‘toughening up’ process known in the gardening world as hardening off before they can cope with the cooler temperatures outside. However, if you have little gardening experience, as many people do, you might not know where to… Read more »