Month: May 2015

Updating your Garden for Summer

wendy house

What with the summer sun making a more reliable appearance, you will probably want to spend more time in your garden entertaining family and friends. However, you might feel that, after the harsh rainy and windy winter conditions, your garden needs a bit of an update for summer. If you’re lacking inspiration about where to… Read more »

Building Steps in your Garden


Creating different levels in your garden is a great way of adding some extra depth and giving it a more three dimensional feel. Whether you want to create a whole separate seating area, or perhaps just a raised area of interest in your garden, steps are the perfect way to bring the different areas together…. Read more »

What to Plant in your Garden Now


Now that Summer is (almost) in full swing, you will probably want to ensure that there’s lots for you and your guests to feast your eyes on in the garden. However, it is important that you are planting the correct plants and flowers so that they grow to their fullest potential and reach their full… Read more »

Treating Wood in your Garden


If you have spent time and money building, or buying something wooden in your garden, you will probably want to help make it last as long as possible. Treating wood is especially important if the item is something that you can’t put away in bad weather, either because you don’t have the storage space, or… Read more »

Creating a Wormery in your Garden


Wormeries can be a great addition to any garden as a way of making compost for to help your plants grow. Even though some people might find them a little disgusting, they can also function as a great conversation starter with guests. If you want to have one in your garden but aren’t sure how… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for June

june garden

For the first time this year, you probably won’t mind completing these garden tasks because the weather is finally starting to resemble something a little like summer. As a result of the warmer weather, you might be spending more time in your garden, meaning you’re probably keeping the basics, such as mowing the lawn, up… Read more »

How to Build a Garden Wall

garden wall

As we’re entering into summer, you will probably want to spend more time outside in your garden. However, if you’re spending a lot of time outside, you might want to increase the privacy you have whilst you are enjoying your outdoor space. If you want to build a garden wall for your garden, this guide… Read more »

How to Include Water in your Garden

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If you’ve spent time and money landscaping your garden, choosing the plants, paving and accessories you want, you might still feel as if the garden needs one last finishing touch. A water feature could be the perfect way to do this. However, water features aren’t just a garden decoration; as well as being an aesthetic… Read more »