Month: June 2015

Adding Different Textures to your Garden


You can make your garden more interesting by adding colourful plants, and garden accessories, but these can still leave your garden looking a little two dimensional. Adding different textures in the garden can help to give your garden the three dimensional depth that will make it come to life. If you aren’t sure of how… Read more »

How to Make Your Animal Comfortable in the Garden


Obviously you want to feel comfortable in your garden and to be able to relax there, but if your pet will be spending a lot of time outside, you will want them to feel comfortable too. Of course, making an animal comfortable in the garden isn’t just about giving them somewhere nice to sleep, you… Read more »

How to Take the Inside Out in Your Garden

garden lights

We put huge amounts of time, money and effort into making the insides of our homes comfortable and we are concerned about getting them ‘just right’. So why should this be any different for the outside of your home? During summer, your patio area will likely become an extension of your living or dining room,… Read more »

Creating Seating in Your Garden

garden swing

Seating is a key part to any garden, especially during the summer months, whether you wish to entertain guests or simply to enjoy it yourselves. However, it can sometimes be difficult to think of new and unique garden seating ideas. If you’re bored of traditional wooden seats and benches in your garden, this guide could… Read more »

How to Make Your Patio Interesting


In order to enjoy your patio area to its fullest potential, you will want to make it as interesting as possible. Making a patio interesting doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated, meaning that it is possible for everyone to achieve. If you’re lacking ideas of how to make your patio more interesting,… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for July


If you keep up to date with your monthly garden tasks, you might find that there is very little that actually needs doing in your garden in July. However, a little sprucing up and attention to detail during this month can only be a good thing! Whether you are up to date or know that… Read more »

How to Clean Different Garden Surfaces

power wash

The type of cleaner or detergent you should use to clean your garden will vary depending on the material you wish to clean and in what way you wish to clean it. Most of the time, moss, algae and the like will not damage your garden surfaces, but it can make them slippery and make… Read more »

Get the Perfect Driveway


We all know that first impressions are key, and having a neat and tidy driveway at the front of your house can make the world of difference to the overall presentation of it. Whether you have a paved, gravel, or tarmac driveway, you can still make it look great! If you need some tips on… Read more »

Creating Shelter in Your Garden


Unfortunately, given the unreliable British weather,  just because it is summer, doesn’t mean to say that there will be no rain so having somewhere to shelter for your guests to retreat from an unexpected rain shower is vital! On the other hand, shelter is also important for when the sun does make a fierce appearance,… Read more »