Month: January 2016

Tips For Redesigning Your Garden

redesigning your garden

Redesigning your garden can help to give it a new lease of life. It may not only change its appearance, but the way you use it and can make it a more enjoyable space in which you can relax. However, it can be difficult to decide what to do to your garden and where you… Read more »

Tips on Designing A Driveway

designing your driveway

Being at the front of the house, you want a driveway to look great as it can really have an effect on the overall appearance of your home. However, because the driveway will be subject to a lot of foot traffic, and will have to withstand the weight of cars parked and driving on it,… Read more »

January Pick-Me-Ups For The Garden

bird feeder

The January Blues will hit most of us at least once: Christmas is over, it is incredibly cold outside and the sun is still setting upsettingly early. We all need a little January pick-me-up, including our gardens who will have taken a beating from the harsh winter weather, but most of us don’t have a… Read more »

Gardening Tips For The Mild Weather

mild weather garden tips

According to research, this winter is the warmest we have had in half a century, with temperatures averaging out at around 6C higher than usual. As a result of this, plants and flowers are growing out of season, with the occasional daffodil popping up mid-winter! Of course, the majority of us don’t miss the biting… Read more »

Tips On Sealing Paving

Paving area

Installing new paving in your garden can be expensive and time consuming, which means you will want it to last for as long as possible. Sealing your paving is the most basic way to protect it from general wear and tear, and will also make cleaning of the paving area more easy. What’s more, sealing… Read more »

Choosing The Correct Plant Containers

plant pots

Everyone wants their garden to look perfect, but choosing the types of plants and flowers you want in your garden is just one step. It is important that you also choose the correct type of container in which to plant the plants and flowers, otherwise you may not do them enough justice. If you are… Read more »

Tips On Edging A Lawn

edged lawn

No matter how often you mow and trim your lawn, it will end up looking messy if you do not edge it properly, especially after heaving rain and other harsh weather in the Winter. Edging a lawn simply means installing a border around it that will help to keep it neat and tidy. It is… Read more »

Gardening Tasks for January

garden in January

Once again, the start of another month (and a new year, this time!) means a new list of things to do in the garden. Whether you have made a New Year’s Resolution to begin taking more care of the garden, or if you like to keep up to date and on top of things outside,… Read more »