Month: March 2016

Plant Pot Guide: Which Pot Is Best When?

plant pot guide

Spring is the time to begin planting bulbs and sowing seeds, but where do you put them? Nowadays there are so many different types of plant pots in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, that it can be difficult to know which one to pick. Certain types of plant pots will be more suited to… Read more »

Top Five Perennials That Are Suitable For All Weathers

top 5 perennials

One of the most exciting things to happen in gardening in the (relatively) recent past is the increasing ubiquity of perennial plants. Perennials are great for many reasons, but principally because they are the perfect combination of being both beautiful and long-lasting, many flowering all the way through from Spring until Autumn. Perennials are also… Read more »

How To Cheat The Spring Bulb Look

How To Cheat The Spring Bulb Look

The beginning of this week brought us the start of Spring (although, due to the weather, that is questionable), which means flowers and plants begin to spring up and add some colour to your garden which may have looked a little too brown over the past few months. However, we weren’t necessarily all organised enough… Read more »