Month: May 2017

Paving Accessories


When you look into your garden, do you ever get bored and feel like you need to change it but you’re not sure how? Some people do… Always the same: just some grass, or some beautiful paving slabs… something seems to be missing… Some accessories maybe? Then you start to think: “What options do I have?”… Read more »

The Best Cleaning Processes For Your Driveway


Gazebos for sale at Paved driveways are an attractive addition to your home and make a big difference to its appearance; that’s why they are extremely popular. But, when the winter comes and the temperature drops, it’s easy to let outdoor maintenance slip. Weeds and moss can grow, stains and dirt can gather and… Read more »

TOP Wood effect Porcelain Paving product for 2017

How to Include Trees in Smaller Gardens

To those who alway dreamt with a modern house, this blog is for you! Have you ever spend some time researching to alternatives to yo garden or living room? We have the perfect one for you: Wood (Porcelain). Are you still unsure? So check these ideas.   It gives your house and garden a sophisticated and… Read more »

How to create an Olde Style English Countrygarden

Reduce Maintenance in a Large Garden

Let your imagination flow, and you’ll see that it can make you to an amazing place, with brilliant ideas and a marvellous garden! Have you ever thought about having a more traditional vintage garden? Can you imagine being sat there in the spring or summer with the fragrance of a variety of flowers and their… Read more »

Removing stains from paving


We always try to keep our paving intact and clean. However, it may come the day where something unfortunate happens and you don’t know what to do. Therefore, here are some tips that you might find useful: Always test on an inauspicious area first How to remove stains from paving Beverages – try to brush with warm water…. Read more »

Characteristics of Natural Stone – What to expect


Natural Stone offers a diversity of product and colouring that will give you an immense variety of landscaping options! Then why use Natural Stone? Here are some of the reasons why: – Will age well and improve the way it looks with time – Unique blend of colours and tones per piece of Natural Stone –… Read more »

What is the difference between Porcelain and Ceramic Paving?


When deciding on a clean paving option to your garden, it’s good to have some tips and ideas. Please see below some extra information to help you decide on the best option for you:   Porcelain, Ceramic and Vitrified Characteristics: Porcelain, ceramic and vitrified products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, cement and binders, all… Read more »

Create the Perfect Summer Garden hideaway!


Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the weather – even if it is a little short lived in the UK! From holidays abroad to day trips to the British seaside, there’s loads of stuff to do in the summer months to keep you and the… Read more »