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What’s The Best Paving Material for You?

What’s The Best Paving Material for You

There is such a wide variety of paving stones made from a wide variety of different materials and making the choice about which you should buy can be overwhelming. However, there are some things that can help you narrow down the number for you to choose from, making that decision a little easier. This can… Read more »

Setts Please – We’re British

gravel driveway

The quintessential English country home usually has a 6mm gravel driveway as its standard time-tested uniform, however how practical is this surface and should other options be considered? When first laid and raked even, gravel looks delightful, however over time, the finish can become worn, leaving tyre track areas prone to puddling. The other issue… Read more »

Natural Stone or Concrete – Which Paving Should I Choose?


If you’re planning a new paving project, should you choose natural stone or concrete paving – what are the pros and cons of each option? Here Paving Superstore explains some of the fundamental differences to help you make an informed choice. CONCRETE / MANUFACTURED PAVING   In years gone by, the only affordable option for… Read more »

Antique Style Paving – Creating an Instant Aged Appeal


When designing a paved area for a period home or older style of property, it’s important to consider the finish achieved with different types of paving. For example, a new sandstone or concrete paving will often appear out of character with the charm of the building and possibly even devalue your home. Many older styles… Read more »

Raj Green Sandstone

Paving Superstore Forest Lake

Raj green sandstone is known under several alternative names across the different major brand paving companies. Here are some examples:   Brand Name Bradstone Autumn Green Brett Forest Glen Global Stone Raj Blend / York Green Living Stone Jade Natural Paving Lakeland / Meadow (tumbled) Pavestone Raj Blend Stonemarket Fieldland The colours seen in this… Read more »

Natural Paving Introduces New Fired Earth Range


Natural Paving are pleased to launch their exclusive Fired Earth range of new and exciting natural stone products. Natural Paving are committed to investing in its supply chain and the people who work in it. All their products are continously monitored to maintain an excellent product quality with high ethical and enviromental standards. The Fired… Read more »

The Beauty of Living Stone

Travertine Summer Cream

While considering your options of paving and features for your garden consider for one moment the attractiveness and beauty of Living Stone…. Do you want your garden to reflect your personality and lifestyle, a garden that you can take pleasure in and that you are delighted to invite friends and relatives to visit and enjoy, a garden that… Read more »

Strata Paving

As now is the time of year to be thinking about making changes in our gardens why not take a look at our large collection of strata stone paving.  Strata stone are a leading provider of a complete range of natural stone landscaping products.  Strata stone is also the Uk arm of Stone Age and one of… Read more »