Brett 'Geoceramica Bluestone' Collection

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Brett's Geoceramica porcelain collection has fairly plain appearance with a gently mottled colouring. This range comes in two grey colour choices and in both indoor and driveway thicknesses. The Geoceramica range is unique in that the driveway paving already has a built-in base making the paving 60mm thick to aid and simplify installation. As with all porcelain paving ranges, the surface is slip resistant. The two colours come in paving sizes of 600x600 and the colours can be described as follows:

- Gris Claro has a mid blue grey colour with an occasional lighter grey fleck. The surface is flat to the touch, yet has a slight texture for slip resistance

- Noir Puro is a dark charcoal colour with an occasional lighter grey fleck. The surface is flat, yet when touched, has ta lightly grained surface texture


Key points

  • 600 x 600 Slab Size
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Driveway & Indoor Thicknesses
  • Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
  • Subtle Mottled Appearance
  • Virtually 100% Non Porous
  • Geoceramica Built-In Base
  • Slip Resistant

Available colours

Gris Claro Gris Claro
Noir Puro Noir Puro
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