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Global Stone 'Context' Collection

Why choose this product range...

Global Stone Context porcelain collection - is a fresh upcoming range influenced by the ancient tradition of creating surfaces with a mix of marble, stone and terracotta fragments. Context has a traditional appearance with also giving the look of being contemporary by having larger slabs. The range is available in three elegant colours and is also available for internal use giving the opportunity to create a stunning inside-outside design. As with all porcelain paving ranges, the surface is slip resistant. The three colours come in paving sizes of 600x1200 with subtle, distinctive differences within each of the colours as follows:

- Dawn is a cream with subtle fragments of terracotta, grey and whites providing a speckled look which highlights a natural stone look. The surface is flat with a slight rough feel. 

- Dusk is a grey with subtle fragments of white and various tones of greys which would compliment any larger outside space. The surface has a slighted texture to touch.

- Twilight is a black with very subtle fragments of light grey and hidden specks of white, providing a very sleek style. The surface matched the colouring with a slight texture. 

Key points

  • 600 x 1200 Slab Size
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Matching Indoor Range
  • Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
  • Predominantly Plain Coloured
  • Virtually 100% Non Porous
  • Subtle Flecked Appearance
  • Slip Resistant

Available colours

Dawn Dawn
Dusk Dusk
Twilight Twilight
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