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Global Stone 'Station' Collection

Why choose this product range...

Global Stone Station porcelain collection has the appearance of natural slate with characteristic veining and a lightly riven finish. As with all porcelain paving ranges, the surface is slip resistant. The four colours come in a large format 1200x600mm and a standard 600x600mm size pack with a colour range described as follows:

- Black is dark grey-black colour palette with a lightly mottled appearance. The surface is flat with a light riven texture.

- Iron is a warm pale grey colour with a subtle lighter coloured markings. The surface is light riven with a gentle texture. 

- Pearl is a creamy beige colour with light cream subtle veining. The surface is lightly textured with a gentle riven finish. 

Key points

  • 1200 x 600 & 600 x 600 Slab Sizes
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Slate Appearance
  • Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
  • Simple Design
  • Virtually 100% Non Porous
  • Made-to-Order Accessories
  • Slip Resistant

Available colours

Station Black Station Black
Station Iron Station Iron
Station Pearl Station Pearl
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