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Talasey 'Vitripiazza Nerali' Wall Cladding Collection

Why choose this product range...

Talasey's Nerali porcelain wall cladding collection has a beautiful riven texture in a range of distinctive designs and patterns. This collection comes in four colour choices and comes in strips of cladding measuring 385x75mm at a thickness of 9mm. The colours can be described as follows:

- Zinco is a predominantly grey with swirling white and darker grey banding. The surface is riven for a natural appeal. 

- Gento has a flecked effect, with an appearance similar to naturally cropped granite. The surface is textured similar to a handcropped stone.

- Opale is a mottled beige, grey and cream coloured with bronze tones, similar to a natural slate. The surface is riven to the touch.

- Cromo is a cream and beige, lightly flecked and banded stone, similar to natural limestone.. The surface is gently riven.


Key points

  • 385 x 75 Wall Cladding
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Sectional Pieces
  • Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
  • Bond to Existing or New Walls
  • Virtually 100% Non Porous
  • Contemporary Appeal
  • Natural Stone Appearance

Available colours

Zinco Zinco
Gento Gento
Opale Opale
Cromo Cromo
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