Talasey 'Vitripiazza Romano' Collection

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Talasey's Romano porcelain collection has a cobble appearance, ideal for a courtyard or as edging to a larger area. This collection comes in four colour choices and two sizes which can be used individually or mixed together to create a more random pattern. As with all porcelain paving ranges, the surface is slip resistant. The four colours come in paving sizes of 200x200 and 300x200 and the colours can be described as follows:

- Porphyry has a mix of colours including grey, gold and rich red shades. The surface is lightly riven to the touch and the tiles have a rounded edge finish. 

- Terracotta is a warm burnt orange-brown colour. The surface is lightly rippled and has rounded cobble style edges.

- Ferro is a mid blue-grey colour cobble sett. The surface is lightly rippled and the edges are rounded.

- Calcare is a lightly mottled cream and light grey colour. The surface is lightly rippled and has rounded cobble style edges.

Key points

  • 200 x 200 or 300 x 200 Slab Size
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cobble Sett Style
  • Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
  • Rounded Edges
  • Virtually 100% Non Porous
  • Great for Courtyards or Edging
  • Slip Resistant

Available colours

Porphyry Porphyry
Terracotta Terracotta
Ferro Ferro
Calcare Calcare
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