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Traditional Style

Do you want to bring a traditional and classic style to your home? Now you can with the help of traditional style paving. At Paving Superstore, we have a fantastic collection of traditional style paving that lets you enjoy this classic design, whether it is for a patio or pathway. You can choose from a range of brands, as well as different styles, colours and materials. There is definitely something for everyone at Paving Superstore! So, have a browse today and you can choose your favourite.

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Traditional Style

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...
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Buy Traditional Style Paving at Paving Superstore

One of our favourite traditional style paving is the Global Stone Paving Riven Sandstone Gardenstone Dawn Sky Paving Slabs . These are made from a quality sandstone that is all the way from India and it has been hand cut and enjoys being naturally riven. With dusky pink, warm brown, beige and grey colours, this paving slabs is going to complement any style of home and still have that classic look that you want. What’s more, sandstone not only looks great, but it is also durable and reliable. Whether you are creating pathways or want to have a patio, you can use this paving slab style to look traditional.

To create a beautiful and traditional patio in your back garden, have a look at the Natural Paving Riven Sandstone Classicstone and Finestone Camel Harvest Paving Slabs . These are made from beautiful sandstone that is all the way from India and features colours that are natural to this stone. This means that all of the paving slabs are different. They have hand cut edges and warm brown and tan shades, as well as attractive rose, grey and buff. This creates a timeless appeal and just the traditional style that you were looking for. If you would like traditional style paving to create a utility area in your outdoor space, we recommend the Marshalls Paving Manmade Farndon Buff Paving Slabs. This is going to look fantastic for any style of home and create a dependable area for sheds or other garden equipment. In addition, this paving slabs are budget friendly and they are durable to land a long time. The buff style has shades of beige that complements any décor that you have.

Another fantastic choice is the Stonemarket Paving Manmade Ryton Riven Grey Paving Slabs. The mid dove grey shade will match any outdoor surroundings and it is going to provide the strength and durability that you need to create a base for your shed or a utility area. It is affordable and perfect for everyone’s budget when you don’t want to spend a fortune on a utility area. What’s more, these paving slabs have a lightly stippled face, which means that they are slip resistant and this is good after there has been bad weather. For driveways, check out the Cemex Paving Manmade ReadyPave Chelsea Avenue and Drive Burnt Ember Block Paving. This is going to provide you with the durable and strong surface you need for your driveaway, as well as enjoy having a traditional style for outside your property. It is made of dependable materials and it has also been tumbled on all sides for an attractive, aged appearance. This warm buff and golden amber suits any style of home and is going to create a driveway that you love.

If you like the style of limestone then you are going to love the Natural Paving Antique Limestone Cragstone Tuscan Paving Slabs . These look fantastic and are made from quality limestone from India. They boast shades of buttermilk buff, pale grey and occasional ochre tones to complement your outdoor space. In addition, these paving slabs have gone through a weathering process, which gives it that amazing, timeworn appearance. What’s more, it has a gently riven texture too, which creates that aged effect. This is definitely the traditional style paving that you need for your home! At Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality traditional style paving for their outdoor space. We supply a range of equipment and materials to suit every outdoor space too. There is truly something for everyone at Paving Superstore, so have a browse of our collections today.