Pond Lighting & Misters

Pond lighting and misters are a great way to create an atmosphere in your garden, ideal for designing an outdoor area with a unique twist. Pond Misters and lighting will instantly transform your garden pond, so check out Paving Superstore's range of garden features now!

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Pond Lighting & Misters

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Do you have a pond in your garden? If you’re looking for a way to liven it up, why not try some pond lighting or a mist maker, ideal for adding a touch of mystery to your outdoor area…

We have a range of different sized mist makers available, all of which make a great addition to any garden or yard with a water feature. Mist makers are small devices which have small vibrating discs to change water into mist. Mist makers are really easy to set up and require little upkeep during their life spans, simply drop in, plug in and go.

Most mist maker sets come with a float, as the device needs to be at right depth to function. Floats are also good to combat changing water levels, meaning you won’t have to alter it as often. At Paving Superstore, we stock a wide range of misters, so no matter how big or small your fountain is, there’ll be one to suit you.

If you have fish or other wildlife if you pond, mist makers will not harm them in any way. They use no chemicals or dry ice to produce the fog, so they are not environmentally damaging in any way. On average, a mist maker only uses 24 watts of energy, so you won’t have to worry about your bills skyrocketing when you start using it.

You can also add a mist maker to any existing pond or water feature; so there’s no worrying about draining and starting again. The mist travels across the surface of the water and around the feature, creating a beautiful effect.

At Paving Superstore, we stock mist makers with blue lights as well as white bulbs. Each bulb is LED, making them environmentally friendly and cost effective, on top of being stylish.

Mist makers can also be used indoors, great for creating an eerie atmosphere for halloween parties and other events.

We also stock rainbow mist makers, which are ideal for adding a happy and bright atmosphere to your garden or yard. These rainbow mist makers are available in a range of sizes with a different amount of bulbs, so no matter what size you’re after, Paving Superstore is here to help.

We also have loads more garden accessories available to help you kit out your outdoor space. From sheds to sculptures, planters to benches, you’ll find everything you need to create the garden of your dreams...