Lawn Edging & Weed Matting

Considering re-turfing your lawn this summer? Why not buy lawn edging and weed matting to achieve the perfect finish! At Paving Superstore, we have everything you need to create a flawless, long-lasting lawn that will look gorgeous for years, including a range of high quality lawn edging and weed matting.

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Lawn Edging & Weed Matting

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    Lawn Edging

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Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more... sell a wide range of lawn edging and weed matting products for your garden

Looking to create a new pathway in your garden? At Paving Superstore, we have everything you need to create a neat, precise and weed free pathway.

From weed matting to lawn edging, we have loads of products to help you achieve your dream garden.

Weed matting is a popular choice for banishing weeds from your garden. Placed before the path is laid, Weedex 70 will stop weeds peering through, allowing minimal upkeep of your new pathway. This weed matting sheet is ideal for use on flower and shrub beds, garden paths, aggregate areas, underneath patios and decking, as well as children’s play areas.

No matter how big your desired area is, we have a range of sizes available in our own brand weed matting. Prices start at just £79, making this a cost effective solution to banishing weeds for years to come.

The smallest size is 1.5m x 100m, followed by 2m x 100m and 3m x 100m. Weedex 70 is a great choice in banishing weeds, however we also have a few more weed controlling options available.

The Hypex Ground Cover is ideal for use under decking, driveways, patios and paths, land drains, mulch mats and polytunnels. Hypex weed matting is great value for money, lasting between seven and nine years when exposed without mulch.

Hypex 100 woven matting is resilient to vehicle traffic
, so you don’t have to worry about how hard wearing the material is. Prices of Hypex weed matting start at £83 for 1.05m x 100m with sizes going up to 5.15m x 100m.

Another weed matting option is our Weedex 90, perfect for flower and shrub beds, garden paths, laying underneath domestic patios and decking as well as children’s play areas. Weedex 90 is cost effective and efficient, ideal for banishing all kinds of weeds from your garden.

Now you know how to make your path weed free, we also have a range of products to help you achieve a precise and neat path which is guaranteed to look great even after years of wear and tear.

Smartedge lawn edging is designed to prevent roots growing and earth distorting your lawn edge. Located underneath the grass, this edging will form a durable and hidden barrier.

To lay these A frames, all you need to do is cut your border to shape to begin. Even the most ameatur gardener can use this lawn edging, due to being so quick and simple to lay. Grass can grow through the A frames easily, so they will be unnoticeable once your grass begins to grow back.

At Paving Superstore, we stock varied pack sizes of lawn edging, from a 5m pack at £35 up to a 50m back at £180, catering for any sized garden.

By using a combination of weed matting and lawn edging, you will effortlessly achieve a neat, tidy and envious pathway that will stay looking smart with no signs of losing shape or protruding weeds.

For all your gardening needs, keep Paving Superstore in mind for high quality materials at low cost prices!