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Octagon Kits

Considering a paving feature kit for your garden? Why not go for an octagon kit. At Paving Superstore, we have a wide array of octagon paving kits available to help you achieve paving perfection. These unique sets add the ultimate focal point to your garden, giving you an outdoor space to be truly proud of!

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Octagon Kits

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Specialists of paving Octagon Kits for your garden.

Everyone dreams of their perfect outdoor space; from basic planning to the finer details, everyone has an idea of what they want.

Whether it’s a luxuriously long lawn or brightly coloured bedding plants, BBQ fire pits or handy garden sheds, there are so many ways you can put your own stamp onto your garden.

But before you can accessorise your garden, it’s important to think about the foundations of your ideal plan - and paving is a good place to start.

No matter what style, colour or shape of paving you desire, Paving Superstore has you covered. We have a massive range of quality brands at competitive prices you wouldn’t find on the high street.

So, now you’ve decided to start with the floor, you’ll realise how vast the choices of outdoor paving are; from cobbles to slabs, stepping stones to flags, there are many different ideas to comprehend and consider…

Although slabs and cobbles are a traditional and functional paving solution, why not try shaped paving to add that extra element of interest to your garden?

Shapes are a great way to add detail to your outdoor space, whether it’s a square or circle, they are great for creating a unique patio or outside dining area.

Octagons have the most sides, meaning in some sense, they could be classed as the most interesting - here at Paving Superstore we have three octagon sets available, all in different colours to suit every taste and style.

Each of the three sets costs just £434 and measures 2.5 metres in diameter, perfect for a section of a large garden, or for adding to a regular sized yard.

The first set is Global Stone York Green Octagon Feature Kit, which has handcut edges and a naturally uneven surface for a truly natural look and appeal. The colouration is subtle green with a brown hue with an occasional boost of a warm pink and brown colouration.

The second of our octagon paving sets is the Riven Sandstone Mint Octagon Feature Kit, which has a thickness of 22mm calibrated, similar to York Green. This Global Stone product is crafted from natural riven sandstone and has handcut edges and an uneven surface for a natural feel.The colouration is a light creamy shade of buff, with occassion tan and pink for a softer edge.

The third octagonal product we have on offer is the Global Stone Riven Sandstone Modak Rose Octagon Feature Kit, which has warming hues of terracotta and brown with peach and rose undertones for a delicate look. Similar to the other two products, these are also 22mm calibrated with uneven surfaces and handcrafted edges for an unbeatable natural look.

All of these products are made by Global Stone, an industry leading supplier of natural stone paving. The company prides themselves on expertly hand selecting each of their products to ensure they are the highest quality - this is shown by the fact everyone from landscapers, to architects and homeowners use their products on various different projects of all sizes. Their beautiful products won’t just look good today and tomorrow, they’ll last for generations, never losing their appeal and style…