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Thinking about adding walling or cladding to your garden? Check out our range of accessories to help you achieve landscaping perfection. From building sand to cement, colour intensifier to algae remover, we stock everything you'll need to create your walling, cladding or coping, as well as maintaining it for years to come.

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Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...

Buy quality Walling and Cladding accessories from the

Considering walling or cladding for your garden? We also have a range of walling and cladding accessories on sale to help you build and maintain your new garden feature.

From building materials such as sand and ballast to cleaning products ideal for maintaining, Paving Superstore have everything you need to create the perfect garden. As a leading supplier of landscaping and paving materials, we pride ourselves on the massive range of quality building products we have for sale.

From building sand to ballast, mortar compound to sand crete, you’ll find everything you need for hassle free DIY at Paving Superstore.

If you’re looking to buy bags of cement, we sell quality cement for just £5.60 for a 25kg bag. Cement is used for a wide array of building projects, including being used in concrete, mortar, bricklaying, rendering and floor screeding. If you’re looking for cement to use on a walling or cladding project, this is your ideal solution.

You can also buy bags of building sand from us to help you on your way with your project; we also sell kiln dried sand and sharp sand, which is perfect for filling in joints in paving and walling. No matter which type of sand you need, we have loads of building sand for sale at Paving Superstore.

If you need a base aggregate for starting your walling project, our high quality ballast mix will create an ultimately tough sub base for a wall that will last the test of time. If you’re looking to do some paving in your garden too, we sell a MOT sub base to create a resilient and durable surface that won’t show the signs of heavy wear and tear.

Sealants and mortars are also paramount in any project; if you’re in need of paving mortar for sale, we currently stock it in a range of colours, including stone grey, silver grey, gunmetal grey and sand beige.

To help in laying your joint mortar or mortar slurry, the Pavetuf mortar squeegee to help you create the perfect seamless finish without any lumps, bumps or imperfections...

As well as building and construction accessories, we also sell a range of cleaning and maintenance products. Our Outdoor Cleaner is perfect for breathing new life into your walling or cladding, removing algae, stubborn green and dark layers of dirt as well as plant stains from trees or flowers. Ideal for use on walling, flagstones, paving and paths.

Another heavy duty cleaner that will clean your walling or cladding is the Pavetuf Deep Cleaner, which is ideal for use on stone, brick, concrete paths, drives and patios.

Other cleaning and maintenance solutions we have for sale include: Builders Clean, Algae Remover, Sealand Stain Stop, Rust Remover, Salt Eraser, Sheen Sealer, Satin Sealer, Green Off and Sealand Colour Intensifier. No matter what you need to complete your walling or cladding project, you’ll find what you need at Paving Superstore.

No matter what landscaping or paving product you need to complete your upcoming project, keep Paving Superstore in mind for the best quality products available!