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Mediterranean Paving Ideas

Mediterranean Style Paving

Mediterranean style gardens have been popular for several decades and offer an opportunity to introduce warm, earthy shades into the garden to provide the ambience associated with warmer climes. The richly enhanced colour palette often includes shades of warm peaches and rose browns through to vibrant terracotta and ochre hues. The texture often appears sun-dried or baked which is complemented by terracotta pots to complete the theme.

Cobble Style Paving

Cobble style paving is often considered to be one of the more authentic choices of paving colour used in mediterranean themed gardens. The terracotta (cooked earth) colours truly represent the dry baked earth found in the dusty plains of mediterranean regions. The cobble ranges available in these colours include clay or sandstone in warm earthy tones in addition to the subtle lighter shades of buff grey natural limestone combined with the charcoal grey tones of black natural limestone.

Natural Paving Natural Clay Pavers

Forum colour in a 52mm thickness

Global Stone Old Rectory Antique Tumbled Sandstone

Modak Rose setts

Travertine Paving

Travertine paving is the classic paving stone used in Italian villas and was used in the construction of the Colosseum. The general colour palette of travertine is cream, warm tan and beige and the stone markings often include subtle swirls, similar to walnut wood. Travertine is smooth to the touch having been honed to enhance the colour and it often has a pitted surface which may be filled if preferred. Travertine paving is often used as an interior stone and current trends to continue the same theme through to the outside of the home are particularly suited to this stone.

To look at our entire range of travertine paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Natural Paving Travertine

Cream colour available in mixed size packs

Global Stone Antique Tumbled Travertine

Warm Walnut colour available in linear plank style


Natural Sandstone

Natural riven sandstone is available in a wealth of colour variations to suit all styles of garden, however the range of shades typically known as modak are particularly suited to mediterranean themes. The rich rose brown, peach and terracotta tones seen within the modak ranges are similar to the baked earth colours seen in mediterranean garden styling with the added subtleness of shade variation only seen in natural stone products. Modak sandstone is available in aged, antique styling and also as a smooth, sawn finish.

To look at our entire range of natural riven paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Global Stone Paving Sawn, Smooth Sandsone

Artisan Mirage available in mixed or single size packs

Natural Paving Sawn, Smooth Sandstone

Ibis (Modak) colour available in single sizes

Strata Paving Sawn, Smooth Sandstone

Elegance Siena available in mixed size or plank style packs

Brett Antique Tumbled Sandstone

Modak colour available in mixed size packs

Natural Paving Antique Tumbled Sandstone

Saffron colour available in mixed size packs

Pavestone Antique Tumbled Sandstone

Tudor Chapel colour available in mixed size packs