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Smartedge saves time and effort for the professional and amateur gardener and at the same time keeps your garden looking great all year round. Smartedge has been designed for the lawn edge and flower beds or between lawn and path preventing roots and earth distorting the lawn edge. One edge is fixed into the ground and prevents root and earth penetration, whilst the top edge allows grass to grow through thus forming a durable and hidden barrier.


It is important that you read these instructions in full before unrolling and installing the product

Please be careful when handling the product. We recommend the use of gloves and protective goggles.

For an established lawn, first cut the grass and cut your border shape, try to keep the cuts at right angles to your lawn, digging down to the depth of Smartedge i.e. 14cm.To avoid cutting your lawn back too far any gaps/holes on the lawn edge side of Smartedge can be filled with a mix of peat/sand and grass seed.

If your ground is dry or compacted we recommend watering before laying to make the insertion of pins easier. PREPARATION IS ALL IMPORTANT TO MAKE THE LAYING OF SMARTEDGE AS EASY AS POSSIBLE.

Unroll your Smartedge. The A-frames are folded against the inside edge. Ease the A-frames away from the inside edge to an angle measuring approximately 45 degrees. DO NOT OVER-BEND AS THIS WILL STOP THE A-FRAMES FROM GRIPPING THE GRASS.

Locate Smartedge along the lawn edge, making sure the A-frames are biting onto your lawn.

To cut Smartedge use garden shears or scribe with a sharp knife and then sharply bend away from the cut. To avoid immovable obstacles trim as necessary.

Backfill and firm with your foot as you feed along the edge. To join lengths simply overlap and pin.

Insert the pins provided through the holes at the end of the A-frames where necessary to secure. The number of pins needed and where to place them will depend on the shape of your border and the surface of your lawn. In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-frame. (Extra pins are available to purchase in packs of 150).

For newly sown and turfed lawns we recommend using temporary wood pegs to anchor and hold Smartedge in place until the grass establishes.

If necessary tap along the top of Smartedge with a mallet or length of wood to help imbed the A-frames into your lawn.

Before mowing allow grass to grow through the A-frames. Check that none of the A-frames have been pushed up by broadleaf grass or similar. If so simply pin down.

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Brand Information

Smartedge is manufactured from heavy duty 2mm thick polypropylene with its unique patented A-frame system which allows the grass on the top of the edge to grow through and bind the Smartedge to the ground. The product, when installed, is strong enough to drive over with small garden tractors.

Material Information

Plastic Characteristics:

Plastic is a hard-wearing synthetic material available in a range of different colours. Its easy care, wipe clean finish makes it especially suitable for childrens toys or products that benefit from a clean finish. Additionally, its robust technological structure ensures products are suitably resilient and fit for their specific purpose.

Delivery Information

Delivery: usually 3-5 working days (if ordered before 1030). NEXT DAY / EXPRESS DELIVERY option available for small additional fee.

Whilst we will make every effort to deliver in accordance with any booked delivery service, some deliveries are being affected by the widely publicised driver shortage. For more information on this please read our status update.

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This layout is for example purposes only. Mixed sized patio packs are not sold as a kit. Please ensure that you allow a minimum of 10% extra above your measurements as margin.

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