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Spheres are modern and sleek, ideal for adding a contemporary twist to any outdoor area. At Paving Superstore, we have loads of garden spheres available to help you achieve a sophisticated garden feature that will be the envy of your neighbours. We also stock drilled and concave spheres, ideal for creating a unique water feature.

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Specialists of garden Spheres for your garden.


Is your garden in need of a bit of love?

If you’re tired of the constant upkeep of mowing the lawn, or you think it’s your garden that’s looking a little weary, The Paving Superstore can help you transform your garden from urban jungle, to contemporary retreat.

We have everything from a huge selection of paving slabs, to an unbeatable catalogue of garden sheds, guaranteed to beat high street prices.

So no matter what you need to spice up your outdoor space, why not look at the massive range we have on offer. Our fantastic driveway paving could give your garden a practical facelift, while our garden lighting & electricals are guaranteed to bring back that spark your garden so deserves.

All of our products are made by a range of great brands, without the pricey label that comes with buying them direct from the high street…

However, paving and accessories aside, there’s another component that makes for a truly magical garden area: water features. But if you’re not a fan of full on fountains, we have something you’re guaranteed to love - spheres.

Elegant and sleek, a sphere is a great addition to any outdoor retreat. Water glides effortlessly down the side, with minimal noise in comparison to a big fountain. Each looks modern and sophisticated, available in a range of different colours and styles to suit every taste.

The Rainbow Sandstone Sphere is effortlessly modern, perfect for any outdoor area - available in a variation of sizes, prices start from just £167! These undrilled spheres are available in 300mm, 400mm and 600mm so no matter the size of your garden, there’s a size for all.

Each comes in a natural sandstone colouring, with it’s own distinctive patterns and markings to make it subtly unique. The sphere is made by Pavestone, a brand established in 2003 who specialise in ethically sourced natural stone paving in the domestic landscaping market.

However, if you’re looking for a sphere that has been pre-drilled for convenience, there’s a Global Stone alternative, also in natural sandstone.

Available in two unit sizes: 1 x 600mm or 4 x 400mm, these drilled spheres are effortlessly convenient. Their natural looks means they’ll blend seamlessly into any garden, while the branding from Global Stone means they won’t lack in quality or elegance.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the sandstone look, Paving Superstore also stock spheres in other natural yet stunning shades to complement your garden.

The Marshalls Paving Manmade ‘Argent’ Aqua Sphere is elegant and stylish, perfect for any garden looking to add a little sophistication. The complete kit is 500mm in diameter, making it a landmark of any outdoor space.

The greyish shade replicates natural granite, a popular choice for many garden features. The set comes fully complete with instructions included to guide full assembly - the kit comprises of the sphere itself, a 24v pump and a water sump so you can have it up and running as soon as it’s delivered to your home.

Another variation of the sphere water feature is a concave sphere,  designed to create a small pool effect. These Global Stone Rainbow Sandstone Concave Spheres would be a create addition to any garden, adding much needed detail into the landscaping. They are available in two sets: either 1 x 600mmm or 2 x 400mm.

Each looks multi coloured on the exterior for an effective natural look in keeping with most outdoor areas. Each of the spheres is pre-drilled, making them easy to fit and assemble.

As sandstone is such a popular colour effect, we have many other products available in this shade for you to co-ordinate your garden as you please. The spectrum of sandstone is hugely extensive and spread across a wide range of products including: paving, cobblestones and walling.

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