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Paving Slabs Attleborough

What’s the difference between an outdoor area and an outdoor living space? Style, practicality, and a thoughtful touch! At Paving Superstore, we know how important it can be to choose the right paving slabs. On one hand, durability is important to ensure a long life and surfaces that will stand up to the elements. On the other, attention to detail can go a long way to making your garden or driveway look extra appealing. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional theme for your outdoor area, it’s also important to keep things consistent—and at Paving Superstore, we have the answer.

We stock a massive range of options in our Paving Slabs Attleborough collection that are sure to include the perfect slabs for your home’s exterior. Our wide range of materials includes paving slabs from basalt, granite, sandstone, marble, and more—we’ve spoiled you for choice! If you’re interested in a particular brand, we stock products from market leading names such as Brett, Marshalls, Natural Paving, Global Stone, Cemex, and Strata Stone...and then some! We even offer our own unique range of  Paving Superstore Pro-range slabs in a host of different colours and designs.

In our Paving Slabs Attleborough catalogue you’ll find hundreds of paving slabs in a traditional style, which can be flexibly used for driveways, al fresco dining areas, stepping stones, garden paths, and more. The Stonemarket Paving-Manmade 'Ryton Riven'-Red slabs are beautifully simple yet sturdy and hard-wearing options that come with a stippled face for non-slip areas. These budget paving slabs offer long-lasting durability, making them ideal for utility areas, storage spaces, tool rooms, workshops, sheds, and garages. At this price, you will find them perfect for paving larger areas too, such as driveways—both front and back.

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Paving Slabs Attleborough

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...
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Paving Slabs Attleborough available at Paving Superstore

Closer to the mid-range of the market, the Strata Paving Sawn & Honed Sandstone 'Elegance' Rufina paving slabs in our Attleborough collection are both refined and resilient. These paving slabs come in a vibrant peach with subtle creamy notes throughout. Banded with lilac and silver, they offer depth and aesthetic appeal that is perfect for outdoor dining areas. These are smooth-surface tiles, making them seamlessly compatible with a large range of outdoor garden furniture sets —no slipping, no sliding, and yet as easy as can be on the eye.

Luckily for those of us with contemporary themed outdoor spaces, it’s very easy to maintain consistency; after all, simplicity is key! The Pavestone Paving Sawn & Sandblasted Sandstone 'Piazza' Oasis are ideal for edging around fountains, ponds, or swimming pools, thanks to their non-slip, textured surfaces. These popular sandstone slabs have been blasted to perfection, with sawn edges for a unique touch. Buff shades, rosy hues, and banded golden tones mean these can provide a warm feel that’s welcoming even in the heart of winter. Use these premium tiles to easily protect larger outside spaces from the elements.

Those after the warmth and character of terracotta will adore the Global Stone Paving-Porcelain 'Petrous Premium Six Series'-Terracotta slabs. These are well-suited for use with outside furniture, and will not fade over time. Hard-wearing yet smooth, these boast consistent yet stunning colour variation and a rustic feel that will make your patio the envy of your neighbours! Our favourite feature of these elegant Italian tiles is that they are easy to clean, and can be used inside the home just as well as outside. If you want to ‘open up’ a space, these can be used seamlessly for areas that lead outdoors.

A last durable, resilient, hard-wearing option that warrants a recommendation is the Paving Superstore Pro Range Porphyry line of paving slabs. These are a versatile choice which can be used both in traditional and modern settings, offering a rich, but softly gentle mix of warm grey, purple, and orange hues.

Our Paving Superstore team is here any time to help you if you would like to learn more about our Paving Slabs Attleborough catalogue. If we’ve given you a little bit too much choice, you can simply get in touch and we’ll find something that suits your property. Or why not look at our Inspiration Centre , where our professionals have put together amazing collections that may point you in the right direction.