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Paving Slabs in Corby

Are you looking forward to spending some time out of doors this year? Why not make your outdoor area a place you’d love to relax, unwind, and catch a breeze this summer? If your patio, driveway, garden, or outdoor living area need a little boost, Paving Superstore has got all the latest paving slabs to help you spruce it up. We provide Paving Slabs in Corby that feature all the classics for traditional homes, as well as all the sleek, stunning tiles you could possibly need to revamp a modern outdoor area.

Our Paving Slabs in Corby include tiles, feature kits, and slabs from top market names such as Global Stone , Brett , Cemex , Marshalls , Natural Paving , Strata Stone, Stonemarket , Pavestone , and Westminster Stone . We even make an exclusive range of Paving Superstore Pro Range slabs that are as durable and strong as they are beautiful. Whether you’re hoping to redo a large outdoor space, repave a utility area, or create a gorgeous dining area, we have got all the slabs you’ll need to get the job done right.

If your property is designed in a traditional style , we highly recommend the Natural Paving Riven Sandstone 'Classicstone & Finestone' Kandla Promenade paving slabs for your multi-purpose tiling needs. If you don’t fancy replacing your slabs every few years, or if they undergo a lot of wear and tear, these strong sandstone slabs are reinforced by a full, solid mortar bed underneath. The Kandla Promenade slabs are ideal for driveways and outdoor seating areas and include subtle buff shades interspersed with calming light grey. They provide an uncomplicated and versatile feel that means they can be used easily across different areas for consistency and style.

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Paving Slabs in Corby

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...
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Paving Slabs Corby available at Paving Superstore

The elegant Pavestone Paving Riven Sandstone Light Grey slabs can be used to create a similar effect and climate in both traditional and modern homes. As versatile as they come, they can be used to alone as single stepping stones, or to cover larger areas on a reasonable budget. Hard-wearing and available in a huge range of pack sizes, they have hand-cut sides and a hand-split surface for a relaxed, natural effect.

Contemporary style paving slabs are particularly effective for several reasons, and surprisingly, can work well in traditional décor quite well. Our Paving Slabs in Corby catalogue features the Natural Paving-Porcelain 'Vitripiazza Almare- Seramare range, a slick and beautiful premium choice for outdoor areas. Moss-, mould-, salt-, and pesticide resistant, these are a long-lasting choice for al fresco dining areas, front porches, and garden paths.

Our Paving Superstore Pro Range also features beautiful options for Granite Blue Grey colour schemes, as well as cleaner, airy modern spaces. These resilient and durable mid-grey, dark-grey, and sparkling silver granite slabs can be used alone or with our Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Blue Grey Feature Kits. If you would like to create a focal point or add some character to your outside space, these work together seamlessly and allow you to create patterns for extra effect.

If you are after something extra special, you’ll find that our wood-style paving slabs in Corby may have the answer. The Brett Paving- Porcelain-'Elegante'-Timber Warm Oak slabs are one example of how far simple, durable porcelain can go towards emulating the timeless look of polished wood. These are a great way to create a light, relaxed, clean-living feel in your kitchen, and work brilliantly as outdoor tiles at the same time. Perfect for making your space look larger by blurring the boundaries between rooms.

Paving Superstore’s Paving Slabs Corby catalogue has something for every home. Our range includes porcelain slabs for interior and exterior use, which are as long-lasting and reliable as they are elegant. We offer edging, cladding, as well as a diversity of different materials. If you’re looking for sandstone, limestone, granite, or concrete, for a utility area, garage, wheelie bin store, or driveway, Paving Superstore has all these and more. We stock gorgeous basalt, classic marble, and premium ceramic slabs for kitchens and patios which will add class and character while withstanding and setting off garden furniture.

And if it’s all too much to take in at once, you can find the latest slabs and more in professionally designed settings when you head to our Inspiration Centre. Here, you can check out the very latest in our 2019 Porcelain Paving Slabs and find ideas for your next outdoor living project. Why not browse our Paving Slabs in Corby today?