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Paving Slabs Reading

Are you looking for paving slabs in Reading to turn around a tired or lacklustre outdoor area? Have you got exciting plans for revamping your outdoor area? Look no further than our huge and extensive Paving Slabs Reading range to see what we can offer. The Paving Superstore has a diverse selection of top-calibre paving slabs from leading brands such as Natural Paving , Marshalls , Brett , Global Stone , Cemex that are sure to fit the bill. We even make and supply our very own exclusive line of Paving Superstore Pro paving slabs in an exceptional choice of textures, materials and colours. Too much choice? Don’t worry! We’ve put together some of our bestsellers and own personal favourites that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s very hard to go wrong with a contemporary décor for your outdoor area. Smooth, simple, and clean-looking surfaces are relaxing on the eye, and leave the starring role to your prized flowers. The Natural Paving Riven Sandstone 'Classicstone & Finestone' Kandla Promenade range of paving slabs is an effective way to cultivate a seamless and modern feel for any patio, driveway, or al fresco dining area. Gentle grey and buff shades add a sense of greater space to even the smallest outside space by reducing the ‘cluttered’ feel of a more detailed design. With these thick, durable, and subtly patterned sandstone slabs from our Paving Slabs Reading catalogue, it’s easy to cover open spaces. Leaving you with a flat, even, and level surface for any furniture you might choose to use in your garden.

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Paving Slabs Reading

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...
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Paving Slabs Reading available at Paving Superstore

Uncomplicated, slick, black slabs are also very popular choices from our Paving Slabs Reading line. Our Brett Paving- Porcelain-Geoceramica-'Impasto'-Noir slabs come highly recommended for properties which already have a minimalist edge. Not to mention, these simple, weather-resilient tiles are perfect for paving larger garden or patio areas on a budget. For a similar aesthetic that also offers slightly more character, you may like the Strata Paving Riven Limestone 'Whitchurch Range' Black slabs. Seamless natural patterns help to add that extra touch of uniqueness, making your outdoor living area stand out. Whichever black slabs you choose, rest assured that entertaining becomes a whole lot easier with a dark colour that hides any muddy footprints!

Outside spaces already decorated in a traditional theme can be greatly improved or rejuvenated without the need to abandon a rustic feel. At Paving Superstore, the Paving Superstore Pro Range Rose Country slabs are amongst our favourite in the Paving Slabs Reading catalogue. Charming, timeless, and elegant, these clay pavers are ideal for cottage garden styles. While they look indistinguishable from antique brick, we love these naturally orange-, red-, and white-patterned pavers because they’re durable, too!  The Paving Slabs Reading line has everything you might need to pave designs, too—because a focal point or feature piece adds seamless character to both small and large gardens alike. Amongst our top picks for an eye-catching geometric effect are the Westminster Stone Manmade Old Provence sets, and the Stonemarket Paving Manmade 'Millstone Next' Honey Gold kits. Both come with everything necessary to create stunning shapes, patterns, and designs for your patio, and hold up excellently against our infamous British weather. And, both are complete landscaping solutions in and of themselves that look lovely alongside either fresh turf or artificial grass.

You’re always in brilliant hands with the Paving Superstore. We have got everything you could possibly need to revive, decorate, or completely redesign your outdoor living area. Our huge range of different paving slabs in Reading offers everything from quartzite, marble, and porcelain, to sandstone, limestone, and terracotta. If you would like to build on or add to an existing colour, texture, or décor, our vast array of products is sure to have something that will work consistently with your current scheme. We also stock and sell a massive collection of different seating, dining, storage, and walling products from an equally large range of leading brand names. Browse our Outdoor Living catalogue of Sheds and Workshops , Log Cabins & Garden Rooms , or Garden Furniture Sets to have a look. Or, if you’re stuck for inspiration, you may find just what you’re looking for in our Inspiration Centre for beautiful ideas and looks.