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Paving Slabs Wolverhampton

Do you love reading in your garden? Or have you got plans to showcase your prized squashes at the local farmer’s market? Do you entertain guests with your amazing cooking in an al fresco dining area? Whatever you use your outdoor space for, Paving Superstore has got a massive range of paving slabs in Wolverhampton to help you spruce up that outside area. If you’re just looking for a little upgrade, or if your garden path has seen far better days, we have got a huge range of high-quality paving slabs to choose from.

Our collection of paving slabs in Wolverhampton features hundreds of top-notch tiles and slabs from well-established industry names. If you’re after slabs that are practical yet beautiful, you’ll find our own Paving Superstore Pro Range may have the answer. We also stock reliable and well-crafted paving slabs in Wolverhampton from  Westminster Stone, Stonemarket, Global Stone, Brett, Natural Paving, Cemex, Marshalls, and Pavestone, and Strata Stone in a diverse array of materials. Whether you’re looking for hardy, durable materials for a utility area or a stunning elegant effect from porcelain paving slabs or marble paving slabs, we’ve got it right here at Paving Superstore.

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Paving Slabs Wolverhampton

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...
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Buy Paving Slabs in Wolverhampton from Paving Superstore

Whether you have got a modern- or traditional-style property, it’s near impossible to go wrong with gorgeous black paving slabs! Clean, elegant, and excellent at hiding spills and footprints, the Pavestone Paving Antique Limestone 'Tudor' Gothic slabs are an especially popular choice for keeping that exterior décor simple. Subtly textured with dark steely greys and slightly rounded edges for character, the Tudor Gothic slabs are a versatile choice. If you are hoping to maintain a contemporary climate for your patio, they are easy on the eye and give a relaxed feel with some personality. Durable and resilient at 25-40mm thickness, these slabs will last for ages without needing to be replaced.

If you like the look and feel of these unique slabs but want to create a slightly bolder feel, the Natural Paving Riven Limestone 'Premiastone' Carbon Edge Kadapha slabs are a great, practical choice for more spacious outdoor areas. These are mid-range slabs, budget-wise, and can be used effectively on driveways, patios, and seating areas. Natural dark grey colours are a brilliant way to show off your plants and greenery to full effect, and won’t detract from any of your excellent garden furniture, either! They look brilliant leading up to a water feature or gazebo, too!

Should you prefer a lighter colour scheme, the Brett Paving Riven Sandstone 'Creative' Mountain Mist slabs are hard to argue with. Highly recommended by both our lovely Paving Superstore team and our Wolverhampton residents, these slabs are another option for tighter budgets. Available in several different pack sizes—for properties large and small—they are subtle and aesthetically calming, working seamlessly to add an illusion of space to your home. These have hand-cut sides for extra character, yet the soft grey tines are relaxing and easy on the eye.

The Strata Paving Riven Sandstone 'Whitchurch Range' Modak slabs are another popular choice for contemporary properties. If you have a holiday home or rental property that is looking a little bit washed out, the rose, terracotta, and tan hues in these clean-looking tiles can add some warmth to great effect. Durable and practical, they can be used for patio areas and steps, as well as for garden paths with your turf.

Last but not least, the Pavestone Paving Manmade 'Fairford range' Grey slabs are a budget option that will stand the test of time. If you want to pave a shed, log store, utility area, or even wheelie bin store, these manmade slabs are a hardy 38mm thick. You won’t need to replace these in a hurry or worry about stomping around on them in gardening boots, as these durable tiles are built to last. And last!

To see how some of our paving slabs might look in your Wolverhampton home, or to browse the latest trends in outdoor living, why not visit our Inspiration Centre? We’re sure you’ll find something beautiful and practical for your outdoor area. There’s something for every garden at Paving Superstore, so why not browse through our paving slabs in Wolverhampton today?