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Planning to brighten up your garden with high-quality paving slabs? There’s no more effective way to cosmetically rejuvenate your home’s outdoor area than through a makeover using our stunning, high-quality outdoor paving slabs. Paving Superstore is a leading supplier of top paving brands for all homes and budgets, and we’ve got all you need to create a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor haven for your home!

We offer paving slabs and more from all of the major leading brands including Brett, Digby Stone, Global Stone, Marshalls, Talasey, Stonemarket, Strata Stones, Westminster Paving and Bowland Stone, not to mention our own great Paving Superstore brand! 

Our wide range of material types makes your choice even easier, ranging from Porcelain, Concrete, Vitrified and All Natural Stone including sandstone, limestone, slate and granite, just to name a few. Fancy making your choice by style? No problem, we offer paving slabs in a Contemporary Style, traditional Style, Mediterranean Style and Mosaic Style Wood Style. A broad palette of colour options are also present, so take a look! With all this choice, you simply can’t go wrong…

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Paving slabs available at Paving Superstore

We really do have something to suit all tastes, paving-wise! What's important is that you feel you can make a considered, hassle-free choice that ticks all the right boxes for you. Here are a few pointers that may just help get you started:

If you’re after hard-wearing, stylish paving for your patio, you'd be wise to consider Global Stone’s Paving Riven Limestone Midnight Paving Slabs. A gorgeous and durable hand-cut collection boasting a distinct rustic style, Limestone Midnight gives you easy-to-lay pavers that are ideal for outdoor rooms like verandahs, pool areas, and courtyards. These slabs are hand-selected to ensure a high-quality, seamless aesthetic across outdoor areas, and are available in variable and calibrated thicknesses. Global Stone Midnight has a subtly riven surface texture coupled with attractive dark grey-black hues, and lightens gradually over time sunlight into a natural-looking mid grey shade. Perfect for pathways, seating areas, and lead-ups to your outdoor buildings.

Want to add some elegant sparkle to your outdoor rooms and patio? Digby Stone’s Porcelain 'Scout' Smoke pavers are precisely what you need! Processed porcelain is popular for its easy-clean properties and boasts a high compressive strength that will give your garden a longer life. Scout Smoke is a subtle and sophisticated grey shade that features natural tints and swirls of darker and lighter grey shades—perfect for hiding footprints, dirt, and dust. If frost-resistant, mould-resistant, and fire-resistant slabs are what you’re looking for, these porcelain slabs are perfect for your home! Digby Stone Porcelain Scout Smoke paving slabs can be ordered in 450 x 450 size packs of 18 mm thickness with your choice of 18.3 m2, 12.15 m2, 6.08 m2, or 3.04 m2 coverage. 

A popular choice for outdoor living rooms is our very own Paving Superstore Pro Range Porcelain 'Sky Collection' Thundercloud selection of tiles, crafted from high-strength processed porcelain for a tasteful and sophisticated visual aesthetic. Tiles from this coveted collection are fired at 1400 degrees Celcius during processing, making them extra resilient and resistant to stains, scratches, and sun discolouration. Also moss-proof, mould-proof, and fire-proof, they come in a gorgeous mix of grey hues that complement a range of colour schemes and outdoor decors. Order these Paving Superstore Pro Range slabs in 600 x 600 pack sizes with a ~20 mm thickness and we’ll deliver them to your nearest curbside, so you can get paving instantly!

After a no-fuss, super-strong paving solution for your utility area, garage, or driveway? Marshalls Paving Concrete Richmond Natural pavers are hard to beat! Boasting exceptional strength and natural fire resistance, Concrete Richmond Natural Paving Slabs come with free UK delivery to most areas. Man-made from highly durable concrete with a flat surface, these pavers are ideal where a basic, practical solution is all that is required. Pave shed bases, outdoor storage units, wheelie bin stores, and more in this natural-coloured grey and buff collection that matches both classic and contemporary outdoor landscapes. We stock 450 x 450 (32 mm thick) and 600 x 600 (38 mm thick) packs for a range of paving requirements.

Is it time to transform your garden from bland to beautifully elegant? With Global Stone Paving’s Porcelain Position Stance Dark Slabs, you’ll have everything you need for a revamp. If you’re after the flexibility of full or split packs, this collection can be ordered in both, in beautiful grey shades with flecks of black and ivory. Porcelain is hardwearing, has low moisture absorbency to prevent water marks and damage, and has a natural finish that adds a touch of class to any outdoor room. Pave your patio, conservatory, front porch, or al fresco dining area with these gorgeous slabs and watch your neighbours turn green with envy! Global Stone Porcelain Position Stance Dark Slabs are available from Paving Superstore with free UK delivery to most areas. Choose from 600 by 600 size packs or mixed 600 packs with a 20 mm thickness and really elevate your home’s exterior.

If you’d like a little inspiration, check out our great Advice & Guides section, where you’ll find really handy articles that may well just give you the perfect paving idea - Such as our guide for choosing the best paving to complement your home

Why wait to make your home look amazing? With Paving Superstore’s free UK delivery and easy-to-install outdoor slabs, you can transform your outdoors today. Order now for convenient delivery to your nearest curbside!

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