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Block Paving

Block paving is an extremely popular solution for revitalising your patio or driveway, offering a strong cosmetic appeal alongside that essential durability. At Paving Superstore we’ve got all you’ll need, stocking a wide variety of block paving bricks in all shapes, colours and sizes. It is often a challenge to make the right choice when selecting the right block paving driveway for you - With different colours, texture options like limestone or sandstone block paving, not to mention varying surface finishes, you're spoiled for choice! Not to mention our range of trusted brands - We offer block paving from all of the major leading brands including Digby Stone, Brett, Global Stone, MarshallsStonemarket, Talasey, Strata Stones, Westminster Paving and Bowland Stone, of course alongside our own great Paving Superstore brand! 

So that’s why we’ve eased the process by enabling you to request some block paving samples before you place your order. Just choose the sample product, click & submit your info and we’ll do the rest! A tired or aged front exterior can be given a new lease of life with the right driveway blocks that provides not only a cosmetic upgrade whatever your outdoor space dimensions but also give hard-wearing performance. Equally your rear area can be enhanced immeasurably with a new stylish patio!

Our next-day delivery service on our block paving helps to ensure you have the materials you need to complete your project efficiently and without hassle.

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Block Paving available at Paving Superstore

At Paving Superstore, we’re here to guide you through all your garden and landscaping needs, with the end goal set at achieving the outdoor space of your dreams.

We know it takes a lot of time and thought to plan out and construct your ideal garden - but we assure you that our wide range of excellent products at competitively low prices will inspire you to turn your dreams into a reality.

So whether it’s outdoor storage you seek, or a BBQ for the upcoming summer months, we have everything you need to create a personal, eye-catching and practical outdoor space.

In this day and age, where many people have several cars per household, the need for your own driveway is ever growing to guarantee a spot close to your home. But instead of fending off the neighbours in a battle for the last parking space, why not get your very own driveway to win the ongoing parking war?

Although this means sacrificing a part of your garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it as visibly pleasing as it is practical. This can be helped with the use of block paving, a simple and subtle method used to create a stunning driveway area.

We stock a massive range of block paving in a range of sizes and colours, perfect for suiting every need and taste. From subtle oranges with an autumn hue, to sultry shades of charcoal, there’s block paving to suit everyone.

As well as looking great, block paving is also pleasing to the pocket, with prices starting at just £19.97 per metre squared.

Terracotta is amongst the most popular shades for block paving, due to its ability to brighten up an area simply and easily. We have a wide range of these shades available, from burnt orange to standard red block paving, you won’t be disappointed by the colour palette available.

The Marshalls Manmade Red Block Paving is a budget block that doesn’t compromise on quality. Each individual block creates a far better looking finish, as well as practicality, as opposed to concrete or asphalt, which often looks untidy in comparison. These blocks are just £19.97 per metre squared, the cheapest block paving we have on offer. But if terracotta isn’t your colour, these budget bricks are also available in Charcoal and Brindle, for a more neutral, toned down effect.

For a more detailed and rustic look, the Cemex Chelsea Avenue Block Paving is the perfect choice. The sizes of the blocks vary while the price stays the same, meaning you have the freedom to decide what’s best for you without cost entering your mind. The finish looks weathered and aged, giving a rustic, elegant feel with the combination of shades of red, buff and charcoal all in one block.

If you want to achieve a more high end look, the Stone Market Vectra Dusted Charcoal Block Paving is neat and concise, perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The subtle dusted coral shades work together seamlessly, creating a discerning look perfect for uplifting and upgrading any space.

Some blocks have the ability to bring sunshine to your garden, by looking exactly like they’ve been shipped straight over from a holiday villa of your dreams - the Brett Aura Bronze Fleck Block Paving comes in warm shades of tan and brown, with a delicate shimmer for added luxury. The combination of warm colours and textures work together perfectly, giving you a driveway that wouldn’t look out of place even in the Hollywood hills.

Finally, for another up market look that incorporates all things modern and futuristic, the Stonemarket Rhombix Silver Block Paving is the ideal choice for making your driveway truly stand out. The unique combination of quality and visual effects gives a three dimensional appearance, while the silver and grey palette maintain a subtle feel. These blocks will make your garden feel like something straight out of an art exhibition, you’ll soon be the envy of your entire street. So, with a few ideas in mind, will you consider block paving for your driveway?

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