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Garages & Carports

Garages and carports are ideal for protecting your car from the damages of the weather, as well as adding an extra place for storage for outdoor tools and equipment. No matter what reason you have for buying a garage, you’ll find one to fit your garden perfectly at Paving Superstore.

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Garages and Carports for sale at Paving Superstore

If you’re sick of leaving your car parked on the street and want your own garage for overnight protection and safety, Paving Superstore have a massive range of garages and carports for sale from a massive range of garden and landscaping brands, including: Palmako, Rowlinson and Mercia. If you’re looking for a large garage to store your car in, the Mercia Garage Log Cabin is the perfect choice. This rustic looking cabin is designed to keep your car safe and secure, with double boarded locking doors for added protection. This garage also has opening windows if you want to use it as a workshop or another type of functional outdoor building.

The Rowlinson Murray Hill Garage is another great choice of garage for your garden. Unlike wood sheds that require frequent treatment, a metal garage is far more low maintenance. This metal garage is available in a range of sizes, so no matter how big or small your garden is, you’ll find a garage to suit. This tasteful design will fit into both modern and period property landscapes with ease, giving a look that won’t go out of style. Check out other metal garages for sale at Paving Superstore now.

The Palmako Garage Roger with Wooden Doors is the perfect inbetween of a garage and carport, giving you the option to park your car in or outdoors. This garage can park one large car outside and one small car inside, ideal for those who have the garden space to spare for two cars. If you’re looking for a garage or carport for sale, this is the ideal choice for those who can’t make up their mind. The Palmako Roger with Wooden Doors is also available as a double garage, as opposed to a garage and carport combined - the perfect choice with those with multiple cars in one household.

The Palmako Garage Rasmus is one of our more secure garages, with lockable double doors for ultimate peace of mind. This garage is one of the biggest we stock, so no matter how big or small your car is, you’ll fit it in this garage with ease. The garage for sale is available with a range of extra features to help you personalise your shed to your needs.


Buy a carport from Paving Superstore

Carports are ideal for protecting your car from the blanching sun, drizzle, snow or any other weather factor. If you’re looking for to buy a high quality carport, look no further than Paving Superstore. Not only are carports ideal for adding functionality to your garden, they also look visually appealing. The Palmako Karl Carport is big enough for two large cars, ideal for a family home. The wood this carport is made from is laminated for extra durability against the elements, ensuring long lasting high quality. The Karl Carport has a flat roof for a subtle look that still protects your cars from the weather with ease. If you’re looking for a carport with a pitched roof, the Palmako Carport Robert is visually stunning and strong, adding an attractive addition to your garden that will last for years without any signs of wear or tear. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a garage or carport for sale at Paving Supertore to suit you. For all your gardening and landscaping needs, you won’t be disappointed by the price or quality of our products.


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