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Arbour Seats

Are you looking for the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the warm weather this summer? An arbour seat creates the perfect spot outdoors to read a book, socialise with friends and enjoy the doors, whilst adding character and a lovely decoration to your garden. At the Paving Superstore, we have a range of traditional and contemporary arbour seats that will provide comfort and shade and suit any garden surroundings.

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Buy Arbour Seats at Paving Superstore

If you are looking to create a traditional theme or already have a cottage garden, we recommend the Rowlinson Rustic Seat. This beautiful arbour seat is made from quality FSC certified softwood, which has been thoroughly pressure treated to protect against rot and to ensure it lasts for years in your garden. It has a natural timber finish with diamond patterns over the backs, sides and top, which can be painted or stained to suit your outdoor theme. With over 85 years of experience in the business, Rowlinson can be relied upon for their quality products and finest materials. This arbour seat comes with all the fittings and instructions you need, which makes it simple for two people to assemble.

Making an attractive feature in any garden is the Grange Montebello Arbour with its Lattice side and back panels. Not only does this look stunning on its own, but it is also perfect for decorating with climbing plants to add colour and nature to your outdoor space. It has a unique curved shape that adds character, as well as a comfortable seat you can enjoy during the day. It is made from fully FSC certified timber that has been pressured treated and planed for durability and to ensure it can withstand the elements of British weather. It is also finished in a modest pale green colour for a natural style.

Bringing an element of culture and elegance to your garden is the Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour. This oriental style arbour seat is beautifully constructed and makes a great outdoor centrepiece.  It has a stunning and unique ornate slatted roof with a lattice back and sides to add shelter and security. It is available in a natural timber finish, which has been pressure treated and constructed from FSC certified timber to last for years to come. It is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions, making the ideal place to relax on a warm summer’s day.

The Forest Sienna Arbour is designed just like a little house to allow you to retreat outside to enjoy nature. It has a comfortable and generous seat under a solid timber roof to offer shelter from the sun or rain. It also has a decorative lattice back and sides that add to the attractive design and that are also ideal for climbing plants. All of the FSC certified softwood has been pressure treated and planed for a smooth finish and this arbour seat is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. Why not accessorise this garden feature and add a throw and colourful cushions?

Now you can make use of all the space in your garden with the Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour. This arbour seat makes a pleasant feature outdoors that is ideal to socialise with friends with enough room for three people. It has an open slatted roof with beautiful lattice sides for shelter and privacy. It is made with high quality and FSC certified timber that has been pressure-treated and has a stunning natural timber finish.

If you are looking for a larger feature to enjoy with your family and friends, why not check out the Grange Valencia Corner Arbour? This creates a truly private area in your garden with a tall and enclosed roof and high sides and back to make you feel secure and enjoy some shade. With two generous seats, it also features an integrated table for enjoying a drink or dining al fresco. It is constructed with fully FSC certified timber, which is pressure treated and finished in pale green for a natural style; perfect for any outdoor space.

At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to finding the best garden buildings and features for your outdoor space. Arbour seats are a must-have for the warmer weather and make the perfect place to retreat and enjoy some shade and family time during the day. All timber is treated for durability and to withstand the elements of British weather and is guaranteed to make a beautiful feature in any garden.

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