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Do you ever find that you have so much stuff but few places to store it away properly? It’s important to invest in quality storage units for all of your outdoor items to ensure they stay clean, functional and easily accessible when you need them the most.

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At Paving Superstore, we stock a range of storage units suited to withstand the elements of British weather and provide an attractive addition to your outdoor space.

We all know it’s easy to leave gardening equipment and building tools scattered everywhere. But this is not great when you are trying to find something. By investing in a tool store, you can safely and securely organise your equipment so that it is right where you left it. The Rowlinson Plastic Tall Garden Store is an alternative to wood storage units, made from strong polypropylene, which is weather-proof and available in a cream and green colour. With double doors that open outwards, you can have enough storage to tidy up your back garden and protect any chairs, tools and other items you may have. This unit is capable of being padlocked for security. There is also a Rowlinson Metal Storette that is fire, rot and rodent resistant with a lifting lid and sliding double doors for easy access to all of your garden and home building tools.

The Garden Village Deluxe Redwood Triple Garden Storage is the ultimate unit for securing everything you need for your garden; from hoses and soil to paint tins and building tools, there is room for everything with five shelves and lots of space inside. This unit is completed enclosed with premium quality and pressure-treated redwood timber and a felted roof to keep everything water tight, all your items secured and to last you for years. What’s more, it makes an attractive addition to any garden.

When you have a bicycle, it’s important to make sure it’s secure when it’s not in use and storing it outside chained to a fence is risking unnecessary exposure to rain that will damage your investment, as well as the possibility for theft. The Rowlinson Wallstore is a practical and versatile unit that can be used to store several bikes and keep them safe when they aren’t being used during the winter. It has double-doors for easy access and is lockable to prevent theft, as well as an attractive dipped honey-brown finish to blend in nicely to any back garden setting. The Mercia Shiplap Apex Bike Store is also a popular selection for keeping all of the family bikes in good condition with double doors and a pad bolt, as well as a stunning shiplap cladding and dip treated softwood with solid sheet roof.

Where you store your logs is just as important as your tools or bike. If you leave them on the wet ground stacked against a wall, this is not good for the wood health and it will make them burn less efficient, as well as exposing to mound and fungal growth. Not to mention, it doesn’t look great in your back garden. Investing in a quality log store will create a sheltered area with less exposure to rain and make sure there is airflow around the logs to reduce any moisture. This means you will have more heat in your fireplace. It will also add an attractive and traditional accessory to your back garden.

The Rowlinson Small Log Store is a convenient unit for stockpiling your firewood ready for burning. There is an upper shelf for storing kindle and a wide base to pile up your logs from the ground with ample space for air to circulate. Rowlinson are known for their quality products and this log store is made with pressure treated timber that is FSC approved and has a beautiful, natural finish. There is no better way to keep everything neat and tidy.

The Forest Timber Log Store is highly regarded for its slatted construction, which helps your logs dry out, while still protecting from any rain and snow with its three sided, back panel and roof. It is made from dip treated softwood with has a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. This unit will make an alluring addition to your garden once filled with logs and allow easy access when you need firewood.

Garden Village Superior Redwood Double Log Store is perfect for storing a lot of firewood and sheltering it from the elements of British weather. Made from a premium quality and pressure-treated redwood timber means that it is a durable storage solution that keeps your logs clean. The enclosed back and fixed roof with mineral felt offers maximum protection from rain, as well as being a charming accessory to your garden.

At Paving Superstore, we are committed to helping you find the right storage unit for you needs; whether it is for your garden equipment and tools, bike or firewood, there is something to suit everyone at

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