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Garden and Outdoor Wall Cladding

Walling is a great addition to any garden; whether you're building a flower bed, pond, divide or maybe additional seating, there's plenty of reasons you should add walling to your garden. Cladding is also ideal for those looking to create a new look with current walling features already in their garden. Many of the natural stone ranges are manufactured from the same stone as the paving slabs ranges so you can either complement your paving or contrast with it. At Paving Superstore, we have a huge range of walling and cladding products available to help you achieve the garden space of your dreams.

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Suppliers of Wall Cladding for your garden.

A garden is an extension of a home, perfect for enjoying warm summer days with the family, growing vegetables or merely admiring your gardening skills.

If you’re looking to revamp your garden, Paving Superstore can help transform your garden from drab to fab with our amazingly extensive range of products. From building materials to garden sheds and fountains, we really do have it all.

Walling is a common feature in many gardens; whether it separates you from your neighbour, acts as part of a feature display or maybe as additional seating or planting beds, the uses of good walling are endless.

At Paving Superstore, we have a massive range of walling solutions, so you’re guaranteed to find walling & cladding perfect for your garden. Our products are from a range of manufacturers, who all aim to provide you with the best materials for affordable prices. Many ranges match in with paving slabs from the same stone so look out for the linked ranges within our website. 

For a modern and contemporary look, the Quartzite Meridian Split Face Copper Wall Cladding is ideal. Each pack covers just under 13 square metres at a thickness of 10-30mm. The stone itself is quarried and individually picked out for its colour and texture for an unbeatable natural look. The copper hues are perfect for creating a rustic feel, but if this shade isn’t for you, we also stock it in Black, Silver and Mint shades, all at varying prices. Each colour will blend in seamlessly with your garden, creating a tranquil yet modern setting, perfect for relaxing in. We have a massive range of products, choose Paving Superstore for walling and cladding needs.

If you’re looking for a traditional rustic look, Marshalls Paving Riven Sandstone Birch Pitched Face Walling is ideal; this walling will look great outside period properties, especially stone cottages. Paving Superstore have a range of Marshalls Walling in various colours to suit every taste.

If you’re looking for a brighter look, why not try Autumn Bronze Pitched Faced Walling? The subtle mix of sepia, gold, beige and terracotta create a timeless look that will light up your garden for years to come. It also has paving slabs to match!

However, for a walling range with darker hues, Marshalls Silver Birch Pitched Face Walling would suit your outdoor area perfectly, with added buff hues to make it subtle and timeless. Each Marshalls walling set is available in two sizes which both cover around 5 square metres; the sizes are 220 x 65 and 300 x 65.

Paving Superstore stock Marshalls products proudly as they are sourced sustainably and ethically while maintain the high quality they are famous for.

A product which is great for any style property is Natural Paving Cottage Stone Walling. The modern look is sleek and contemporary while in keeping a traditional feel, creating an aged effect. Available in a range of different colours, each pack is priced reasonably and contains a mixed range of units which create 7.5 square metres of walling. Each colour has a natural look, perfect for fitting in with many garden surroundings. Golden Fossil Mint is a light shade for a modern look, consisting of a mix of creamy buff and tan shades with occasional hints of pink, ideal for those with light brickwork on their homes. Natural Paving Cottage Stone Walling is also available in Raj Lakeland.

Due to its natural look, this walling is a great alternative to local stone but far more affordable prices. Available in a range of sizes for 7.5 square metres, this walling looks amazing for a fraction of the cost. The stone has been cut to offer a straight yet rough surface for a subtle look.  It doesn’t matter which colour or style you’re seeking for your project, Paving Superstore has you covered.

For an antique look, Stonemarket’s Vintage Manor Walling is perfect for creating old fashioned style. Available in a various range of sizes, each pack covers five square metres and it's perfect for any sized garden. The subtle brown and buff shades add to the rugged effect which compliments the rustic tumbled texture.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, why not go for the Talasey Porcelain 'Vitripiazza Cladding Range Rok' Grey. The vitrification process this porcelain cladding undergoes makes it a robust, high quality, long lasting and strong paving option. Resistant to moss, salt, mould and pesticides and also non-absorbent, frost proof and easy to clean.

No matter what walling or cladding solution you’re searching for, Paving Superstore have a massive range of products guaranteed to please your tastes and requirements.


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