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Driveway Paving Slabs and Tiles

Large driveway slabs are a contemporary paving solution, offering a simple yet striking look that will remain timeless for decades. At Paving Superstore, we have a variety of large driveway slabs to help you achieve an enviably stunning yet ultimately tough driveway that will look great and serve its purpose superbly too.

Discover our wide range of large driveway slabs, brought to you by some of the biggest brands in the landscaping industry, including Brett and Marshalls, not to mention our own trusted Paving Superstore brand! There’s numerous colours to choose from, alongside various different materials including porcelain, natural stone, granite and basalt - Something for everyone!

We advise you do not use standard paving slabs for your driveway as these are not constructed to the same thickness as flags manufactured for a driveway.

At Paving Superstore, we want to make it quick and easy to create your ideal garden. From garden sheds to block paving & setts, it’s never been simpler to achieve your ideal outdoor look.

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Large Driveway Paving Slabs available at Paving Superstore

We understand the importance of driveways and gardens, and how much having an inviting outdoor space can improve your homelife - from fun family BBQs to simply having somewhere to sit back and relax, having a nice garden is truly underestimated.

A feature of gardens which is ever rising in popularity is having your own driveway, as not having to fight for a parking space takes much needed stress out of your day to day life! Safe and secure for your vehicles, it’s an essential element to many homes. Although many are put off the idea due to not wanting to lose out on garden space, you must not forget that a driveway can look as pretty as it is practical; with the use of driveway slabs, block paving or cobbling. Every style of driveway improvement is available at the Paving Superstore, with a shade, colour, thickness or style to suit every taste.

Although constructing a visually stunning driveway can be time-consuming, by using large driveway slabs, you can shave off lots of time from your initial plan. 

Driveway slabs are a traditional and easy way to create an eye catching area of your garden; from smooth shades of sandstone driveway paving to create a bright and summery feel, to darker hues of granite driveway paving for a minimal look that requires less upkeep, there’s a driveway slab to suit every taste and pocket.

Porcelain driveway paving is a perennially-popular choice, being resistant to water mould, stains, and salt whilst providing a durable, strong and hardwearing surface. Others opt for concrete paving slabs, in part because they are cost-effective and come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, as well as replicating natural stone paving for a much lower cost. Concrete paving slabs are highly versatile and lend themselves greatly to either traditional or contemporary designs. 

But let’s not forget about natural stone driveway paving! Arguably the most popular choice of paving for outdoor patios, pathways, driveways, thanks to its durability and superb visual appeal, it may be the perfect fit for your driveway needs!

Our prices are always competitively low, beating high street contenders hands down. By cutting out the middle man, you save much needed time, hassle and money, without compromising at all on the final result…

Convinced? Why not check out our full range of large driveway slabs and start your driveway renovation!

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