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Wheelie Bin Stores

Bin collection is less frequent than it used to be and this means your home doesn’t look great when your wheelie bins are nearly full outside.

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Buy quality Wheelie Bin Stores from the

Who wants big black and green bins on show? Wheelie bin stores are the perfect solution to all of your household waste problems; no longer does your garden view have to be spoiled by council bins or for your rubbish to be on show to all of the neighbours. Investing in a quality bin store will hide it away from sight, prevent bins from being knocked over and creating a mess when it’s windy and it will keep away rats and other animals who like to have a rummage through your garbage at night. Most importantly, wheelie bin stores can add an attractive accessory to the front of your house or in your back garden. Bin stores are often made from natural wood to have that aesthetic appeal that council wheelie bins and recycle boxes simply can’t offer.

The Merca Bin Store is perfect for hiding away a single wheelie bin and adding an attractive feature to the front of your house or outdoor space. With a hinged single door and a lid on the top, you can easily access your bin anytime, whether you are throwing in rubbish or wheeling it out for collection. The slatted timber board design on the frame allows for air to circulate and proper ventilation to avoid waste odours becoming trapped in the store, as well as a ‘turn’ button to ensure the door stays closed in high winds. Mercia is a well-respected garden building manufacturer based in Nottinghamshire and this bin storage unit is made with pressure-treated timber to survive the elements of the unpredictable British weather.

Make your garden tidy again with the Garden Village Triple Wheelie Bin Store Options. This deluxe unit is attractive with its premium quality and pressure treated redwood timber and will hide away up to three wheelie bins that are clogging up your outdoor space. It is a totally enclosed four-sided unit, which presents three separate bin doors and three lids, which have an automatic wheelie bin lid feature for quick disposal. There are also sliding locks to prevent any animals finding their way in or winds slamming them open and closed at night.

With the emergence of several recycling boxes for different materials in recent years, the need has arisen for appropriate stores to hide away these brightly coloured boxes. The Rowlinson Box Store is the perfect solution, as it is a modest and robust unit that will discreetly sit in your driveway or back garden. With enough space for three recycling boxes and a lifting lid, recycling has never been so easy, without the associated clutter and mess. The shelves can be adjusted to any height, which means you can also store other items if you wish to.

For a durable and weather-proof plastic alternative, have a look at the Rowlinson Plastic Garden Store. This modern option in a cream and green design is roomy enough to store two wheelie bins with double doors and one lifting lid for easy access. The ventilation panels allow air to move around inside the store, so you don’t get a nasty shock and smell when you lift the lid. The doors can also be locked for security if you have your own padlock.

If you have a wheelie bin and recycle boxes that need hidden, why not get appropriate storage that combines them both together? The Garden Village Single Wheelie Bin and Recycle Box Options will not only hide away the unsightly plastic wheelie bin between collection days, but it also has a double shelf to store away two recycle boxes. This free standing store is totally enclosed with four sided, pressure treated timber for durability and stability, as well as an opening lid to access your wheelie bin without opening up the whole structure and two doors to throw in recycling. What’s more there is an automatic wheelie bin lid-opening feature, which means you don’t have to come in contact with dirt or germs from household waste in your wheelie bin. If you have more than two recycle boxes, there is also another model that stores a single wheelie bin and up to four recycle boxes. Garden Village is a British family company that are one of the best specialists in the country for creating quality bin stores and all of their timber is from an FSC Source and pressure treated to ensure stores last for years.

If you are interested in tidying up your outdoor space and doing something about those pesky bins, browse through the Paving Superstore’s collection of Wheelie bin stores for an affordable solution to your household waste problems.

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