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If you're thinking about getting a new pet, or maybe giving yours some space of their own, check out Paving Superstore's range of quality pet homes. Whether it's a flock of chickens or the family dog, we have a variety of hen houses, hutches and dog kennels for sale to suit you and your pet's needs.

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Pet Homes for sale at

Your garden is an extension of your home, a great space for practicality, as well as a visually stunning area to sit back and relax in the sun.

If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden which are ideal for letting your pets and kids enjoy the outdoors, have you considered a pet home to make the most of your garden space?

No matter what type of pet you and your family own, we have a quality pet home to suit you. It doesn’t matter whether you own dogs, rabbits, geese or chickens, we have a range of kennels and coops to keep your animals warm, dry and safe over the coming winter months.

If you’re looking for a kennel for sale to give your dog a home away from home, the Rowlinson Large Kennel is a great choice. Made from FSC approved materials, this kennel is suitable for one large dog or two small to medium sized pooches. This Rowlinson products is a kennel with a lifting lid for easy access, so you can clean out the area with ease. The kennel comes in a honey brown finish with mineral roofing felt, ideal for blending in with your garden seamlessly, especially if you have a similar looking shed.

Kennels with runs attached are available for dogs who spend the majority of their time outdoors. If you want to give your pet extra space to roam outdoors without having to worry about your garden coming to harm, the TGB Pent Kennel and Run is an ideal choice. The heavy duty framing makes this kennel extra secure, with galvanised wire mesh and a door with a tower bolt to keep your dog safe. Available in two sizes, this large kennel and run for sale is ideal for up to three small to medium sized dogs.

The largest outdoor kennel and run we have on offer is the TGB Deluxe Apex Kennel and Run, which is also made for dogs who spend the majority of their lives outside. The galvanised weldmesh and 50mm x 50mm framing with front door access make this kennel extremely secure, while the bottom drainage ensures easy cleaning. Both these TGB kennels will blend into any garden surrounding due to their subtle stain colour and traditional design. If you want your dog to stay outside more, a kennel and run is ideal.

If you’re a proud poultry farmer on a small garden scale, Rowlinson have a coop for sale which will fit your garden perfectly. Chickens are becoming an ever popular addition to back gardens across the country due to the rise in popularity of free range products.

For a small group of chickens, the Rowlinson Small Chicken Coop is ideal for a family looking for fresh eggs every morning. This small coop can comfortably house four chickens, with two nest boxes for laying. Each compartment has a removable lid for easy egg collection, as well as a ramp and perches for comfort of the chickens.

This small chicken coop for sale requires self assembly, instructions of assembly are provided, but make sure you know what you’re doing to ensure the happiness of your animals!

If you have a larger flock of chickens, the Rowlinson Large Chicken Coop is ideal for keeping a group of up to six chickens. The house has three compartment nest boxes with removable lids for easy egg collection, with a ramp, perches and a slide opening door for added convenience of the chickens.

Similar to many coops, these Rowlinson designs are off the ground for added water resistance and protection from pests such as cats and foxes.

If you’re looking for a hen house for a large flock of chickens, the TGB Hen House can house a large group of chickens, with optional nesting boxes for easy access egg laying. The house is also big enough to keep larger birds such as geese, with the galvanised weld mesh door and walls providing unparalleled protection against pests.
Maybe you’re considering buying a small pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig? The TGB Hutch and Run is an excellent home for small pets, giving them the comfort and warmth of a hutch combined with the exercise from a large run. The hutch has two sliding hatches, one at either end for easy access, while the galvanised wire mesh is provides excellent protection from pests and predators. If you’re looking for a high quality hutch for sale, this TGB product will not fail to impress.

No matter what pet you’re planning on keeping, we have a fantastic range of pet homes for sale to suit your needs.


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