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Block Paving Circles

Thinking about paving your driveway? Why not consider a block paving circle to add extra detail to your driveway area. This can be incorporated within a larger block paving area to make an interesting focalpoint. If you're looking to make the circle bigger, then continue the circle using the smallest square blocks. At Paving Superstore, we have a select range of block paving circles for sale, guaranteed to help you create a driveway to be proud of! You could also also continue the theme by adding a paving circle to your patio using circle paving slabs

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Suppliers of Block Paving Circles for your drive.

Block paving is driveway method which is ever increasing in popularity. Due to being as eye-pleasing as it is functional, more and more people are opting to block pave their driveway…

Standard block paving achieves a high end look which is ultimately durable, however, why not try a circle block paving feature kit for an added look of sophistication.

Circle kits are great for adding detail to a larger driveway area, as opposed to standard kits which don’t provide texture or pattern. At Paving Superstore, we have a huge range of block paving circle kits, you’re guaranteed to fit one to fit perfectly in your garden for years to come.

One of our most popular circle block paving kits is from Brett Paving. The Regatta Block Paving Circle Kit comes in a delightful silver haze shade, which combines all grey hues to create a natural colour which blends in seamlessly anywhere it is paved. Each block is 60mm in thickness, creating a block paving circle which is 2.96 in diameter. This design is perfect for adding detail to any large driveway - the quality of Brett’s high standard bricks mean your driveway will look sleek and sophisticated for years, without signs of damage or decay.

If you’re seeking a small circle block paving kit why not consider the Brett Block Paving Circle Kit in Silver Fleck. This design measures 1.4 metre in diameter, making it perfect for small gardens. The mix of light and mid grey hues are a sophisticated alternative to granite, while still maintaining a natural look which can easily blend in with surroundings. However, if you’re seeking a colour other than grey, why not try the Brett Block Paving Circle in Bronze Fleck. The rustic orange and brown tones make this paving circle warm and natural, with an added tan shades for an added feel of the outdoors. Both of these Brett Paving sets are perfect for adding a detailed driveway to any garden or yard - the high quality of these blocks makes them stand out from the crowd, as they are guaranteed to please your garden for years without signs of ageing. Both are just £284, meaning they’re as pocket pleasing as they are stunning.

Marshalls have a range of block paving circle kits, in a range of shades and sizes to suit you. Their first size is 2.5m diameter, making it ideal for any mid sized yard or garden looking for a driveway improvement.

The Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Block Paving Circle Kit is exactly 2.57m in diametre with a thickness of 50mm. This paving circle will guarantee quality and durability, while the time worn appearance radiates sophistication and class that will be in style for years to come. The brown, pink and grey shades enhance this set, giving it added character which will give your outdoor area extra personality.

Another one of the Paving Superstore’s most popular driveway block paving circle kits is another from Marshalls. Measuring 2.57 in diameter, this circle set is perfect for any outdoor space. The Marshalls Tegula Drivesett in Harvest has a classic, traditional look which is guaranteed to enhance period properties. The brown hues are perfect for blending in and looking subtle as well as stylish.

We have a range of Marshalls kits available at Paving Superstore; for a dark gothic look, the Argents Drivesett Dark Black Paving Circle is the ideal choice. Measuring 2.6m in diameter, this circle is ideal for any medium garden. Also available in 2.6m sets are Argent Drivesett Graphite Block Paving Circle Kits and Marshalls Argent Drivesett in Light. No matter what size or shade you’re looking for, we hope to have a high quality paving product to suit you.

If you’re seeking a visually stunning circle kit, look no further than the Brett Aura Block Paving Circle in Burnt Fleck. The pattern in the design is eye-catching, perfect for creating an enticing front yard alteration. The burnt rich red and charcoal tones work together seamlessly, with a delicate shimmer to add a soft touch which adds an extra natural feel. The Aura circle measures 1.4m in diameter, great for adding a driveway to a small yard or garden.

We also stock Brett ‘Regatta’ block paving circle kits for a more hardwearing look. The Rustic Bronze set comes in warm, earthy tones, perfect for a natural looking outdoor space. Measuring 2.96 in diameter, this set is ideal for creating a stunning driveway in a larger garden. The Regatta style is also available in Autumn Gold, for a warmer range of subtle gold and red shades.

Choose garden patio slabs with complementary tones to match in with your driveway paving. 

No matter what your driveway vision is, at Paving Superstore, we have a massive range of high quality products at low prices, so you can save money while creating a stunning garden that will last.

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