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About Paving Superstore

Everyone knows that Paving Superstore is the home of great paving from leading brands, but we also offer a variety of other landscaping products ranging from decorative stone, fencing, artificial grass, composite decking, garden buildings, furniture and much more.

When Paving Superstore was formed in 2008, it aimed to home deliver the wide range of leading brand paving choices to home owners and tradespeople across the UK. By sending goods to you straight from the supplier to you in most cases, this enabled us to cut out ‘middle man’ costs and pass on super price savings to you. Since then, we have added many more products for you to complete your entire garden project.

When buying branded products, you can be sure the goods you receive have been tested to the highest levels in accordance with British and European standards.

The paving brands we offer include:

Marshalls over 120 years experience in the industry, Marshalls paving is a leading brand offering natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving in a variety of formats such as slabs, walling, setts, block paving with many accessories to complement the ranges. Marshalls also has a complete commercial offering to suit large development projects.

Stonemarket is a subsidiary of the Marshalls brand, Stonemarket offers an exclusive range of products suited to the homeowner where style and chic design trends are of paramount importance. A wide choice of materials and products including paving slabs, walling, block paving and accessories mean that Stonemarket has a range to suit everyone.

Talasey formed in 2004, Talasey is a young and dynamic company that has fast become one of the UK’s most trusted brands. Setting high standards on their product ranges and an eclectic mix of natural stone and porcelain paving, blocks, setts and walling, Talasey has produced many well-known sub-brands such as Natural Paving, Vitripiazza, Luxigraze and Pavetuf. All Talasey products are top quality at fair prices.

Wienerberger offering one of the UK's leading brands in clay pavers suited to driveways, pathways, patios and interior design trends. A broad range of styles from timeless and traditional to ultra modern European linear styles, clay paving is established as a design trend of our time. Unlike traditional concrete driveway paving, clay weathers and improves over the years.

Strata Stone strong leaders in the supply of natural stone paving and other, complementary products such as circle kits, setts and blocks, Strata Stone has more recently introduced porcelain paving to their range to offer homeowners with a wider choice of materials. Strata Stone offers exceptional value on first rate quality products.

Brett specialising in the production of concrete paving materials, Brett is an industry leader in concrete block paving and slabs and offers one of the widest ranges in this material. Brett also offers a choice range of natural stone and an ever-increasing selection of porcelain paving choices. Brett was also the first company to introduce concrete backed porcelain paving suitable for driveway use as part of their Geoceramica range.

Breedon a leading construction company in the UK and Ireland, Breedon produces an elite range of block paving products for both the domestic and commercial sector. The Breedon products are ideal where a ‘workhorse’ block paving solution is needed and keen prices on bulk orders required.

Ketley Brick specialising in the production of clay bricks and tiles in colours including Staffordshire Blue, Staffordshire Red and Brown Brindle, Ketley Brick have a well established reputation in this field of the industry. Clay is known for its rich colours that are long lasting and resistant to fading which make them an ideal choice as a paving material for patio and driveway.

Pavetuf is a sub-brand within the Talasey family and offers a broad range of cleaning and care products for all your paving and landscaping needs. From specialist cleaners that deal with specific requirements such as rust deposits and efflorescence to deep cleaners, long lasting sealants and colour enhancing sealers. Included in the range are other cleaners for PVC, resin bound driveway cleaning in addition to slurry primer needed for installing porcelain paving.

GftK is widely recognised by paving professionals as offering the strongest and most resilient paving jointing products available on the market. With a range of products suited to different paving requirements from the user friendly GftK Patio Grout ready to go brush-in mortar to the more specialised slurry based products favoured by professionals, in addition to an excellent range of cleaning products, GftK is the go to product range for paving finishing products.

Paving Superstore as our own range, these paving products are often produced for us by the leading brands enabling us to offer top quality products at competitive prices. In many cases, products offered are those manufactured to commercial standards which means they meet and often exceed industry expectations.

Bowland Stonestarted trading in concrete paving materials in the 1960s and then rebranded to Bowland Stone in the 1990s, the company has developed a premium range on concrete paving products in interesting and unique designs suited to all budgets.

Other product ranges are sourced by us directly from quarries or leading producers of landscaping materials to increase the breadth of product offering available to browse and purchase through our online store.

A selection of other brands we offer:

Rowlinson a family business trading since 1926, Rowlinson products are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to ISO 9001:2008. Offering a wide range of timber garden products such as sheds, fencing and decorative timber features, Rowlinson has a product for every requirement.

Mercia a UK based company offering a range of timber sheds, summerhouses, award winning playhouses, log cabins and fencing to suit all budgets. British manufacturing, fast delivery times and a wide range of value priced products makes Mercia a leading brand.

Shedlands offering a comprehensive range of quality buildings built to a high standard in addition to many specialised garden rooms, gym and office buildings, Shedlands buildings are built to last. An excellent range of buildings from sheds, summerhouses, playhouses and storage units, Shedlands has a building to suit all requirements.

Luxigraze is part of the Talasey brand, Luxigraze artificial grass products come in a range of styles and thicknesses to suit all tastes and budgets. Also offering a range of artificial grass after care cleaning products.

Halls Juliana Greenhouses one of the longest standing greenhouse manufacturers in the UK, Halls Juliana has become the industry leader in greenhouse production managing to offer value for money whilst at the same time, retaining quality throughout the build.

Adezz since 1991, Adezz has manufactured planters, garden ornaments and water features in its European headquarters. Specialising in firepits and outdoor heaters manufactured from corten steel and metal in a choice of RAL colours means this flexibility ensures you can find a product to meet your design ideas.

Ecoscape offers a wide range of composite decking and fencing in a selection of more traditional or contemporary styles to suit. Available in a variety of colour choices and bespoke pack configurations to meet many requirements.

Protek established in 1985, Protek manufactures environmentally responsible timber treatments and technical timber coatings for both the domestic and commercial sector. A wide variety of colour choices make Protek the ‘go to’ brand when looking to maintain timber products.

Melcourt is the UK’s leading supplier of mulches, growing media, play surfaces, soil improvers based on bark and wood chippings, Melcourt has offered innovation and high quality for over 30 years. Outstanding technical back up and environmental sustainability credentials.

What makes Leading Brand Paving Products Better than Alternatives?

Did you know that over 50% of the paving sold in the UK is untested and unregulated meaning there is no guarantee whether it will crack in frost, hold too much moisture, be too soft or brittle or have been discarded by the major brands as substandard and not fit for purpose?

By contrast, all paving sold by the leading brands offered at Paving Superstore is tested to the necessary European CE / UKCA standards to ensure the material is suitable for use.

It is a Legal Requirement

Strict EU regulations were introduced in 2013 to ensure all paving sold in the UK meets the minimum standards set out under European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (pavers) and EN1343 (kerbs), however still, many companies do not adhere to these standards and Trading Standards often do not have time to investigate companies selling unregulated paving.

Testing with leading brand paving offered at Paving Superstore costs the manufacturers several thousands of pounds each year to ensure the products you receive are perfect for the job. All products are CE marked / UKAS accredited. UKAS is the National Accreditation body for the United Kingdom appointed by the government to ensure products meet the high standards needed to attain certification. All products also hold a valid Declaration of Performance certificate which details the tests and results for each of the necessary criteria which guarantees you that the products we sell are fit for purpose.

Leading Brand Paving from Paving Superstore Paving Sold through Many Other Websites
Yes Tested for water absorption No Not tested
Yes Tested for frost resistance No Not tested
Yes Tested for compression limits No Not tested
Yes Tested for slip resistance No Not tested
Yes Tested for bending breakpoint No Not tested

What Do These Tests Mean to You?

Water Absorption (BS EN 13755)

Test Process

The water absorption test measures the amount of water a stone can hold when fully saturated. This is expressed as a percentage of the total weight. So, a result of 1% means that when fully saturated, 1% of a stone’s weight will be water. As a guide, paving such as porcelain is usually less than 0.01% porosity, granite is around 0.5%, sandstone and limestone are in the region of 1-3% and concrete, 6%

Why is this important?

This is an indicator to how quickly stains will soak in and how quickly a stone will look dirty. The lower the number, the better it will deal with staining. Obviously other factors such as colour and texture will also play a part in the likelihood of staining. High levels of water absorption are also associated with increased algae growth which is known to be a problem with poor quality stone as this is often more porous as a result of it being an inferior standard.

Frost Resistance (BS EN 12371)

Test Process

Frost resistance testing is called the Freeze/ Thaw test and is conducted by repeatedly freezing the paving to -40 Fahrenheit and then thawing it, before repeating the cycle again. During this process the paving will lose some of its flexibility and the key to good quality paving is that which does not lose a high level of resilience during the test cycle. Losses in Mpa should not exceed 5 Mpa

Why is this important?

Due to temperature variances in the UK, it is imperative that paving can cope with very low temperatures. Paving which is overly porous will crack in frost and it is essential that paving is tested to the above standard to be sure it can cope in all weathers.

Bending Breakpoint (BS EN 12372)

Test Process

The ‘flexural strength’ test shows how much bending a paving unit can be put under before it breaks. This is an important test measurement for paving, but not really for setts or blocks as they are not large enough to bend. The test data is normally expressed in mega pascals (Mpa) with higher numbers being better. A typical measurement with sandstone is over 13 Mpa, concrete 5 Mpa and porcelain is often over 40 Mpa

Why is this important?

The flexural strength is important as it ensures the paving is not overly brittle which would cause difficulties when handling and laying.

Compression Limits (BS EN 1926)

Test Process

The ‘compressive strength’ test shows how much a stone can be squashed before it breaks. This is most important for setts and blocks as these are often used on driveways. It’s expressed in mega pascals (Mpa) with higher numbers being better.

Why is this important?

The compressive strength rating is important when deciding on stone suitable for a driveway or commercial setting where excessive weight will be applied to the paving. Paving that does not pass the required standard will not support any excessive loading.

Slip Resistance (BS EN 14321)

Test Process

Slip resistance testing is a complex and varied area however the two main tests for domestic paving are either the pendulum test or the R rating test. With the pendulum test, a pendulum is swung over the surface of the stone which will slow it down. The rougher the surface, the more it will slow the pendulum and the higher the value. It is tested both wet and dry. The lowest permitted value when wet is 35.

The R rating is often used for porcelain paving and this is conducted using a ramp which is gradually raised. Oil is applied to the ramp and a test person walks onto the ramp wearing boots. The measurement is taken from the point at which they slip. R11 is the rating usually applied to porcelain paving and this is equivalent to the value of 34 to 51 in the PTV test data (pendulum test).

Why is this important?

Ensuring paving has good slip resistant qualities is important for outdoor usage, especially when used by children or elderly people. There is no point installing stone that does not meet the specified criteria for outdoor surfaces as it will be dangerous and not at all suited to purpose.

Our Promise

In addition to strict quality control policies, our leading brand suppliers also comply with the following ethical trading initiative principles:

  • employment is freely chosen
  • child labour will not be used
  • discrimination shall not be practised
  • living wages are paid
  • employees are treated respectfully and fairly
  • safe and hygienic working conditions are provided
  • working hours are not excessive

Please ensure you only buy ethically sourced natural stone.

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