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Talasey was originally established in 2004 using their original product brand, Natural Paving. As the company grew and diversified, introducing new product ranges such as Vitripiazza (porcelain), Pavetuf (cleaning and maintenance products), Luxigraze (artificial grass) and Piranha (composite decking), the new name, Talasey was borne to encompass all the sub-brands including the original Natural Paving range which offers an exquisite range of natural stone paving products. Natural Paving was one of the first brands to introduce natural stone block paving products, offering the simplicity of the same laying techniques as concrete block paving, but with the beauty of natural stone. 

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Talasey Natural Stone Block Paving and Setts at Paving Superstore

The brand Talasey is synonymous with leading edge and quality products covering various aspects of the garden and landscaping industries. Originally known by the name Natural Paving, Talasey has grown over the years to encompass many sub-brands including Vitripiazza (porcelain), Pavetuf (cleaning and maintenance products), Luxigraze (artificial grass) and Piranha (composite decking); the original Natural Paving name is now one of the sub-brands within the Talasey group. 

Natural Paving was one of the original producers of natural stone block paving manufactured from natural sandstone. This product range is cut to size with sawn edges and base to enable the blocks to be laid using the same techniques as traditional concrete block paving. This involves laying the paving on an MOT Type 1 sub base and a sharp sand bedding material compacted down to form a screeded layer in preparation for laying the blocks. As with all block paving, always lay the perimeter blocks on a full mortar bed to ensure they do not move and this way they provide a solid framework in which to loose lay the central blocks. 

Natural paving also produces a wide range of natural stone cobble setts. Although similar to the blocks, they differ in that the setts tend to be more irregular in thickness and the edges are handcut to give a pleasing rustic appearance. Where block paving can be laid on a sand bed, cobble setts are typically laid on a full mortar bed, the same as laying paving slabs. 

As Talasey produces such a wide range of products, it's nearly always the case that there will be several products created from the same stone that allows for a mix and match of differnt products within the same garden. For example, you may choose to have a Promenade grey sandstone patio, along with matching Pewter cobble setts to edge the patio and the lawn and then have a standalone Promenade circle feature as a separate seating area within the lawn. At the front of your property, you may want to continue the same theme and use the Cinder natural sandstone block paving for your driveway. Although these products have different colour names, they are the same stone colour and we help you by linking them all together on our website so you can look at the complete range. 

Here's some more popular choices:

Meadow raj green setts - these paving setts match in with the Lakeland paving and the Forest driveway stone

If you're looking for a dark grey colour paving, then look no further than the Fossestone Ebony block paving which matches the Ebony setts

 and the Carbon Black paving

At Paving Superstore, we are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Talasey paving products

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