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Ivory, Cream & Buff

Cream garden walling comes in a variety of shades from the warmest buff tones to the lightest ivory and all the colours in between. With natural stone, it's possible to see occasional pink, grey and bronze as part of the overall natural mix whereas with porcelain cladding and concrete walling bricks, the colours will be more consistent. Choose from natural stone or concrete walling bricks to create a decorative garden wall or porcelain or natural stone wall cladding to cover a blockwork wall both indoors and out. Wall coping is used to cap off a finished wall which is ideal for a tidy finish or a seating area. 

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Ivory and Cream Coloured Garden Walling: tips for creating a beautiful, timeless garden

Ivory and cream colours in a garden bring about an ambient warmth and offer timeless classic appeal that can be used to create a beautiful garden. There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your garden looks great.

1. Use ivory, cream and delivate pink flowers to create a soft, romantic look

2. Choose plants that contrast well with the light colours, such as dark green ferns

3. Use cream-coloured stones to create pathways or borders

4. Add some ivy or other climbers to create a sense of depth

5. Use cream-coloured accessories, such as stone bird baths or planters, to complete the look

Our ivory and cream garden walling options range from traditional walling bricks to modern wall cladding and wall coping as the capping to go on top of your wall. Traditional garden walling bricks are manufactured either from natural stone such as Indian sandstone with products ranging from Natural Paving Cottage Walling or Marshalls Sawn Sandstone Versuro Walling, or concrete walling bricks such as Marshalls Saxon Walling. With natural stone walling, the irregular finish means you can leave small gaps between the bricks for planting if so desired. Concrete garden walling is more consistent in shape and size and can be laid more like a traditional walling brick. 

Wall cladding is a good option for disguising an existing wall or covering a new blockwork wall with a contemporary designed finish. Many of the options are constructed from small sections of natural stone adhered to a backing plate allowing for easy installing using an all-weather adhesive. Other options such as porcelain wall cladding are moulded from a template. 

Wall coping (sometimes known as capping) is installed horizontally along the top of a finished wall to give a tidy finish to the top. This is more noticeable on lower walls where adding a wall coping means it can often double up as a seating area. Consider bullnose step treads as a wall coping option as this has a rounded finish along one long edge which is attractive to look at along the front of a wall. 

Cream coloured walling offers an 'easy on the eye' backdrop for your garden design and planting ideas and works well with most home styles.

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