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What if my order is broken on delivery?

Firstly, don't worry! It is quite possible for a small quantity of paving pieces to be damaged upon delivery and if this represents 10% or under of your total consignment, these can easily be used for cuts. It is usual practice to build 10% into the measurements for your project so a small number of breakages would form part of this margin and is unlikely to cause you any problems.

If you find a larger quantity of breakages upon delivery then we kindly ask that you notify our customer services and send through photographs of the damages immediately and in any case within a maximum of 7 days from delivery. We will then look to either replace or refund you for the damages.

We do also kindly request that the damaged slabs are retained, as they may need to be collected for insurance purposes.

If the majority of the crate is intact, we would usually send replacements independently and you should retain the full crate on site rather than reject the delivery. 


On very rare occasions, entire pallets of goods can be damaged on delivery if for example the pallet falls from the vehicle. This only really happens if the driver has had to park on a hill and is undertaking an inappropriate delivery (this is why we stipulate you must have level ground for delivery).

In this such instance, we would recommend rejecting the goods if possible. Ensure you record this on the driver's docket or hand held device and report to us via telephone or live chat immediately in order for us to resolve matters for you as quickly as we can. Please provide photos of the goods and the crate.

Unfortunately, once the goods have been used, we are unable to take responsibility for any breakages. So please do check the goods thoroughly prior to use for any damage.



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