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Monoliths & Feature Stones

Boulders and feature stones make great centrepieces in any garden, adding a much needed focal point to your outdoor space. At Paving Superstore, we have a wide variety of boulders and feature stones for sale, ideal for creating a garden to be proud of!

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Spruce up your garden with boulders and feature stones at the


Looking for a way to spruce up your garden? Why not invest in some boulders or feature stones to add a new focal point to your outdoor area…

Boulders & feature stones make a great addition to all gardens, whether it be a modern or period property, they’re guaranteed to add that extra detail you crave. Not only do they look good, they also require minimal upkeep and are ultimately cost effective!

At Paving Superstore, we have loads of options to choose from; whether it’s small rocks or large boulders, we have a range of natural looking stones available in loads of shapes, colours and sizes.

For a glamourous modern feel, why not add our White Marble Boulders to your garden? These unique boulders make a great feature in any garden thanks to their vibrant appearance. Each boulder measures approximately 250mm and comes in a crate of 70, more than enough to cover your desired outdoor area. However, although these smooth white boulders may look appealing, they aren’t fish friendly, so don’t place them near a pond!

If you’re looking for fish friendly boulders that can be placed near a pond, we have various other coloured boulders which are suitable for placing around water. Our Rainbow Boulders are a creamy shade with natural terracotta stripes for an unbeatably subtle look, ideal for blending in with any garden surrounding.

At Paving Superstore we also stock Angel Whirlpool Boulders, a natural looking garden boulder ideal for decorating around ponds. Fish friendly and cost effective, these greeny grey boulders make a perfect addition to any garden.

At Paving Superstore, we are determined to help you achieve the garden of your dreams, if you’re considering boulders or rockery, we have loads of natural stone, including limestone, granite, marble and slate.

Slate is becoming more and more popular; from table placemats to garden chippings, there seems to be more slate appearing in households across the country. Our fish friendly Heather Blue Slate Rockery is an ideal choice thanks to its amazingly low price tag. Add a modern element to your garden feature with this blue slate rockery, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours.

We also stock slate slabs, perfect for creating water features. Slate slabs are modern and chic, ideal for adding a contemporary feel to your outdoor area. Both slate products are Paving Superstore own brand, so expect nothing less than the best quality.

If you’re after some plain stone to blend in with any surrounding, we stock a range of natural products available. From Purbeck to Longstone, Yorkstone and Cotswold Rockery, you’ll find some natural looking boulders to suit your garden perfectly. Each is effortlessly rustic looking, ideal for creating a natural looking feature that will last for years ahead.

Weathered looking stones also make a great addition to gardens, adding a historic and rustic feel to even the most modern house. Our Weathered Limestone would make an ideal outdoor decorative feature; the dark buff shades offer a timeless look which will last for generations, however, these limestone boulders aren’t fish friendly, so make sure you feature is well away from any pond.

No matter how you’re looking to revamp your garden, consider buying quality rockery from Paving Superstore. All our products are offered at unbeatable prices without having to compromise on quality. For all things boulders and rockery, keep Paving Superstore in mind.

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