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Granite Paving Slabs

Granite stone may be the perfect paving product to breathe new life into your fatigued patio or driveway. It boasts a superior finish alongside durability and long lifespan that can withstand constant movement, weight and even the famous elements of British weather!

We stock a varied selection of granite stone paving in different textures, finishes and colours, alongside traditional and contemporary styles all of which can contribute greatly to any garden landscape and external area. 

It might be that granite paving slabs can bring your tired driveway back to life, or really help to give your patio that attention it has sorely needed for years. Imagine the summer evenings on that beautiful new garden paved area or pulling into your crisp new driveway? All of this can easily become a reality with Paving Superstore. Our next-day delivery service gets you off to a prompt and efficient start also.

We do appreciate that choosing the correct granite paving for your patio or garden project is so vital, so how does a sample sound? Once you’ve found a potential granite paving option, just click the ‘Request a Sample’ button and give us your details. Next thing you know, a sample of your selected granite paving slabs will be on its way to you and your project can really get underway!

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Granite Garden Patio Paving slabs for sale at Paving Superstore

The Stone market Paving Granite Arctic Dusk Paving Slabs have a natural stone appearance that ensures it blends in perfectly with your plants and trees, as well as your personal décor. The mid grey and silver colours with occasional small crystals have a modern and clean look, whilst also providing a hard wearing surface for a patio or utility area. We also supply the Global Stone Paving Granite Polar Graphite Paving Slabs, which work particularly well with modern gardens with its stylish and fine textured look and speckled grey flecks.

To create a contemporary style patio, we recommend the Strata Paving Granite Venetian Ebony Paving Slabs. This modern paving is made with strong granite originally from China, which will not only ensure long lasting use, but it will also enhance the look of your outdoor space. The ebony colour comes in a dark to mid blue grey in a flecked finish. This granite also has a lightly sandblasted surface to provide a safe environment for all the family to enjoy with its non-slip texture for outdoor use. For a lighter colour with a distinctive flecked finish, why not check out the Strata Paving Granite Venetian Silver Mist Paving Slabs? This has a light silver and grey appearance with a white flecked design, which will bring class to any outdoor space.

Another ultra-modern choice for garden patios is the Strata Paving Granite 'Venetian' Silver Mist PAVING SLABS. These are precision cut with the surface flame processed to ensure a slip resistant texture, which makes it a great choice of paving for families. The birch coloured design comes in a flecked colour range of mid grey, silver and white with a sparkling finish to add style to any outdoor space. As granite is one of the most durable and strong stones you can find on the market, you can enjoy a stunning patio area for years to come.

Suitable for both modern and traditional gardens is the Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Blue Grey Paving Slabs. The blue grey colour has a flecked appearance with attractive mid grey, darker grey and sparkling silver shades running throughout. This creates a unique charm that is sure to get the neighbours talking. This granite paving has sawn sides with a sawn and flamed top and its hardwearing construction means it is ideal for where durable surfaces are required. Another popular choice is the Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Paving Slabs with its flecked appearance in salmon, mid grey, darker grey and sparling silver shades.

A popular choice for homeowners who love to host outdoor gatherings is the contemporary Strata Paving Granite 'Venetian' Ebony PAVING SLABS. These stunningly eye-catching paving slabs are perfect for patios and paths with its rich dark grey colour and subtle sparkle. It has straight cut edges and a flamed texture and has a beautiful glisten in the sun. As it is made with strong and durable Chinese granite, these paving slabs are long lasting and perfect for outdoor use. What are you waiting for?

To bring a warmer touch to your outdoor space, have a look at the Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Yellow Paving Slabs. With its buttermilk yellow, buff, white and sparkling silver shades in a flecked design, these paving slabs will add an attractive feature to any garden. The strong granite is originally from China and has sawn sides with a sawn and flamed top, which is ideal for areas that have constant movement and furniture.

At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality granite paving slabs for their outdoor space. We supply a range of colours and designs to suit every garden and only at Paving Superstore can you access the largest selection of paving that is available to purchase online. There is truly something for everyone at the Paving Superstore.


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