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PavePoints Loyalty Scheme

Paving Superstore's loyalty points scheme, PavePoints helps you save while you spend. For every £100 you spend on products, we award you one point towards future purchases with us. As paving purchases are often high-value transactions, this means it will take no time at all to earn points. So while you're spending with us, we're saving for you!

Loyalty Points FAQ's

How does it work?

Firstly, set up an online account with us. Then sign up for our PavePoints scheme. Every time you place an order online, you will earn points. These will be shown in your cart when you checkout.

How do I know how many PavePoints I have earned?

Your total PavePoints to date will be held in your account so you can access this at any time to check your balance.

Do I earn PavePoints on all items purchased?

PavePoints are accrued on all products purchased, but not on delivery charges

What happens if I have received a refund?

If we have refunded you for a purchase, your PavePoints will be reduced to reflect this

How can I spend my PavePoints?

Once you have earned 50 PavePoints, you are welcome to spend them on any future transactions

How much is each PavePoint worth?

Each PavePoint is worth £1.00

How quickly will I earn PavePoints?

For every £100 spent, you will earn 1 PavePoint to spend with Paving Superstore

PavePoints have no monetary value and may only be used for purchases with Paving Superstore. No cash equivalent will be offered. Paving Superstore reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms of the scheme at any time

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