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Natural Stone Paving Slabs

Nothing beats the appearance and texture of natural stone and this is why it is still the most popular choice of material for outdoor patios, pathways, driveways and utility areas. Not only does natural stone look attractive as a patio stone, but it also forms a durable and hardwearing surface that will last you for years to come. Choose from Indian sandstone, limestone, slate and granite, and then more unusual choices of paving flags made from porphyry, schist and clay. 

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Natural Stone Paving Slabs for sale at Paving Superstore

Now with Paving Superstore, you can choose from a selection of natural stone paving slabs to complement your outdoor space. From granite and limestone to clay and slate, check out our range of branded natural stone paving slabs at competitive prices today.

For a traditional style garden, have a look at the Paving Superstore Select range in Raj Green Sandstone. This paving is popular due to its soft, gentle colours that are pastel in tone when dry and more intense when wet, as well as being made from strong Indian sandstone. This creates a durable and hardwearing surface that is perfect for pathways, patios and utility areas. To create a classic and rustic appearance, check out the Global Stone Paving Courtyard Clay Rose Cottage Clay Pavers. With its rich red, terracotta, burnt orange and grey colours, as well as its cottage design, this paving will replicate cobblestones and bring character to your outdoor space.

For a distinctive monochrome look that will make your outdoor space modern and attractive, we recommend the Paving Superstore Select Range London Black porcelain paving. These paving slabs are made from beautiful porcelain with a lightly textured, riven surface and a strong charcoal colour with sultry velvety dark tones. For lighter creamy white tones, check out the Paving Superstore Italiano Upton White porcelain paving slabs. This Italian porcelain paving has a clean look with its fine textured and sawn finish and mottled effect. What’s more, this surface is also slip resistant and suitable for family homes.

To enjoy the light satin sheen of real slate, have a look at the Natural Paving Slate Premiastone Black Paving Slabs. Made from quality Brazilian slate, this paving will suit contemporary style garden themes with its steely grey and black shades, as well as inclusion of quartzite and other minerals that enhance its natural appeal. There is also the Global Stone Paving Silver Green Slate Paving Slabs with an attractive satin finish and silvery green and grey colouration.

For soft colours and a mellow, warm appearance, we recommend the Paving Superstore Select range Riven Limestone Paving Slabs. This Indian limestone paving enjoys buttermilk, grey green and occasional ochre tones, which will complement any outdoor space. It also has a subtle rippled surface texture, as well as providing a durable surface for furniture and pathways. If you would like deep black tones for your patio or pathways, the Natural Paving Riven Limestone Premiastone Carbon Edge Kadapha Paving Slabs are perfect. This lightly textured limestone is naturally dark grey to black, which gradually lightens in the sunlight and is sure to add style to any outdoor space.

Yorkstone is a variety of sandstone, which is made specially made in Yorkshire and now with the Paving Superstore, you can enjoy this attractive and durable natural stone in your back garden. Yorkstone Paving Slabs will complement traditional and contemporary homes with its gentle mix of muted colours, from pale grey through to buff shades. This British stone is elegant, yet hardwearing, which makes it ideal for patio and outdoor areas. Alternative, check out the Stonemarket Paving Yorkstone Scoutmoor Paving Slabs, which are predominantly blue-grey with varying amounts of buff. These paving slabs are sure to create a beautiful centrepiece in any garden, as well as lasting for years to come.

What is the cheapest natural stone for patios?

Natural Indian sandstone and limestone are the two best value natural stones for use on a patio. Both options are available in a variety of colours and slab sizes with sandstone offering the widest variety of colour options ranging from light cream, grey-green, warm tan, rich brown, light grey and darker grey options along with some selections offering a broad mix of shades such as rainbow sandstone. Limestone on the other hand, is available as a dark grey-black colour option, a mid grey, a blue grey and a warm golden buff option. With sandstone and limestone natural stone, you can be sure to find an option that meets your tastes and budget. 

Is natural stone good for driveways?

There are many natural stone options for paving suitable for driveways. These range from large driveway paving slabs in sandstone and granite with an uprated thickness to ensure they can withstand the weight of vehicles, to natural stone block paving in sandstone, limestone and granite that can be laid using the same techniques as traditional concrete block paving.

What is the best natural stone for paving?

Whilst all natural stone types offered at Paving Superstore are suitable for paving, some are easier to care for than others. For example, the lightest shades of sandstone are slightly more prone to algae than the darker tones such as raj green, grey sandstone and autumn shades. With the black limestone shades, these lighten to a mid grey tone in sunlight and to keep the dark colours, need to be treated with a black toned sealant such as Pavetuf Back to Black. All other types of natural stone are simple to install and care for. 

How thick should natural stone be for a driveway?

With natural stone driveway blocks at 50mm thickness, these are laid on an MOT Type 1 bed and then dry laid onto sharp sand or grit and compacted down using the same techniques as concrete block paving. Large driveway slabs however are laid on a full wet mortar bed, usually with a sub-base at 150mm and a mortar bed around 75-100mm and these are 25-35mm thickness with sandstone and 50mm with granite. 

At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality natural stone paving slabs for their outdoor space. We supply a range of colours and designs to suit every garden and only at Paving Superstore can you access the largest selection of paving that is available to purchase online. There is truly something for everyone at the Paving Superstore.

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