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Circle Individual Rings

Want to add some texture to your garden paving? Circle individual rings are a great way to add subtle elements of interest to any outdoor area. They are ideal as a perimeter around an existing or new feature such as a pond or planting bed, but you can also create a curcved pathway but switching the direction of the paving halfway through. Discover our range of circle individual rings in a variety of colours, textures and sizes, usually with matching paving slabs and other features such as cobble setts making it ideal for creating a striking paved area that will be the envy of your neighbours!

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Specialists of paving Circle Individual Rings for your stunning garden.

Your garden is an extension of your home; it’s an added space to relax, enjoy and unwind, especially in the summer months. But it’s not just a deck chair or two that add up to making a good garden, there’s many factors to consider when thinking about what you want out of your ideal outdoor space. Paving is a great way to spruce up your garden, and we have a huge range for you to choose from. Now matter what shape, style or colour you want to improve your garden, Paving Superstore has you covered. From traditional block paving, to authentic cobbles as well as practical large slabs, we have hundreds of branded paving solutions at unbeatably low prices. Unlike high street retailers, there’s no middle man, meaning there’s no additional costs or wasted time.

Although every paving solution is guaranteed for last for years, buy paving features, a great way to add a little added detail to your outdoor space - whether you want a circle feature, or even a square, they are a great way to add interest to a large garden area, perfect for patios or dining areas. Circle individual rings paving feature kits are perfect for creating a centre piece for all to admire - We have a massive range of branded circle individual rings available - from dusky castle grey shades to authentic autumn bronze, we have something to suit every taste.

Whether you want to create a border for a water feature, or simply fill the centre with decorative stones or gravel or even a planting bed, each set is perfect for adding detail to your outdoor space. Most kits come with matching paving flags. The Bowland Stone Concrete Cathedral Weathered Moss Paving Circle Feature Kit seamlessly complements any garden setting. Its weathered appearance and hues blend excellently with both modern and classic home styles. The Cathedral paving is designed with a unique, rugged texture that mimics the appearance of natural stone. 

Another great Bowland Stone choice is, The Concrete Stratfford Sun Paving Circle Feature Kit. It presents an excellent selection, offering a warm touch to your outdoor space. The Sun Circle showcases an eye-catching blend of Antique Grey and Barley hues, serving as an impressive centerpiece in your garden.

You should also consider, The Stonemarket Paving Antique Sandstone Vintage Manor Compass Paving Circle Feature Kit. A range of ethically sourced natural stone, specially processed to create the worn texture and smooth feel of reclaimed stone. This Compass Points feature is cut from the 3 colours of Vintage Stone with an intricate brass inlay to mark North. Manor is a durable brown to buff tumbled sandstone. The circle with the squaring off kit come to 2.85m.

If you’re a fan of shades of Limestone, the Strata Paving Riven Limestone Whitchurch Range Black Circle Feature Kit, for sale is perfect for you. This kit is subtle yet sleek. An extremely durable paving that has a subtle riven surface with hand cut edges and calibrated thickness of 22mm +/-. Black limestone has sultry shades of dark grey to black. 

An attractive concept is the Natural Paving Riven Sandstone Classicstone Kandla Promenade Circular Paving Feature Set. Natural Paving brings the elegance of genuine stone, enhancing landscapes with ageless charm. The inherent colours and textures, crafted from eons of geological processes, impart distinctive characteristics to each meticulously hewn element. The Promenade variety displays soft dove grey tones intermixed with occasional buff hues in its sandstone composition.


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