5 Free Garden Design Software Applications

Do you fancy redesigning your garden but don’t want to pay out for costly garden landscapers?

Check out these 5 garden design software programs that won’t cost you a penny!

1. Marshalls Garden Visualiser

This application is incredibly easy to use, yet perfectly effective and it allows you to visualise your ideal 3D garden for free! You are able to choose from a wide range of block paving and paving slabs, walling and edging for your garden. It’s even possible to include the types of plants and flowers you desire. With this tool you can design your very own unique features,including pillars and paths. To help you visualise how this will really look, you can even upload a picture of your home in the background!

2. Gardening Enthusiast Virtual Designer

Not only does this fantastic software allow you to design and visualise your perfect garden, it provides you with a plethora of advice, too! You can learn the perfect times to plant certain flowers and vegetables, for nothing! The Gardening Enthusiast software also offers you a variety of different D.I.Y. garden tips and the ability to research plant identification, and it’s all 100% free!

3. Shoot

Shoot can not only be used to help you design your garden, but is also a tool for carrying out plant research. This ability to look into the longevity of plants, their care needs or their possible varieties means that you can make your garden perfect for your needs and desires. You will also be able to include ponds, paths and buildings with this very user friendly piece of software. It was even awarded a Which? Best Buy award!

4. SketchUp v7

Suitable for personal use or for professional landscapers, this free software allows you to do many different things. Do you want to just design a new decking or patio area, or would you prefer to create a full 3D garden redesign plan? You can do both with SketchUp v7, and it’s incredibly simple! Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, when you have finished your design plan, you will be able to export the image of your plan, create a video of it, or print it off!

5. Plan-a-Garden

This handy garden design software will help you to design gardens of any size! From tiny front gardens, to acres of outdoor space! The easy drag-and-drop technique means you can quickly select from a range of 150 different shrubs, trees and plants. It will also allow you to design and choose anything from ponds, sheds, outbuildings and fencing. Want to show friends and family for their opinions? You can print out your plans, or alternatively share it online! If there’s something you’re unsure of, the software will allow you to save your plan to edit it at another time!

Let us know about your experience with whichever software you choose in the comments below!