Black Paving - Why you should get Back to Black this Year

When it comes to paving slabs, there’s been a revolution in recent years. Instead of plain, grey slabs, now homeowners can choose from a range of colourful, patterned products. But this year, black is the hottest colour choice in paving—from small gardens to city streets. In this blog post we’ll explore why black is so popular and how you can use it to create your own stunning outdoor space. We’ll discuss the many different types of black paving available for different budgets and locations, plus tips on how to lay the slabs correctly for maximum durability. So if you want to turn your garden into a sleek modern oasis, read on!

The Black Paving Trend

If you're looking for a way to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space, black paving is the way to go. This year's 'must have' paving colour is perfect for creating a sleek, modern look that will make your neighbours green with envy.

Black paving is chic and timeless. It's also a great way to add contrast to your garden, and it can make small spaces look bigger when coupled with exquisite planting, stylish accessories and eclectic lighting. 

Black paving is not only stylish, but it's also low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Plus, it can help to disguise any imperfections in your paving, so you won't have to spend hours trying to get it looking perfect.

If you're thinking of adding black paving to your home and you're not sure on the best product for you, make sure you contact our sales team  for some expert advice on the best type of paving for your specific needs. And don't forget to add in some stylish accessories and lighting to really show off your new outdoor space!

How to Achieve the Look

If you're looking to create a chic and sophisticated outdoor space, black paving is the way to go. It's perfect for creating a modern and minimalist look, or for making a bold statement in a more traditional setting. Here's how to achieve the look:

1. Choose your paving material. Black porcelain pavers are a popular option and are often available in very dark tones, but you could also consider natural stone such as slate, basalt, clay or limestone, especially where a more 'natural' black or charcoal is required.

2. Consider the layout of your paving. A simple stretcher bond linear pattern can look very effective in black paving. Some products may be available in a single size whereas others come in mixed size packs. 

3. Make sure the area is well prepared before you start laying the pavers. Don't skimp on sub-base as your paving will move or dip away leaving an unsightly finish.

4. When laying the pavers, be precise and take care to get neat edges and joints. Never leave mortar on the surface of the paving when laying with the aim of removing with a cleaner afterwards as it may not come off and will spoil the overall effect. Also mortar remover chemicals are not suitable for all stone types and will damage the paving.

5. If using natural stone paving, finish off with some suitable sealant to protect your paving and keep it looking its best for years to come

6. Finally, accessorise with appropriate furniture and accessories to complete the look. Whether you opt for a modern metal furniture set or a more traditional wooden look, remember to keep the overall scheme in mind when choosing your outdoor furniture and décor.

Different Types of Black Paving

Different types of black paving are available to suit a range of budgets and styles. For a more affordable option, choose natural stone such as limestone paving in a dark colour. If you're after something a little more luxurious, slate, basalt or porcelain paving in black and dark grey is a great choice. Here's some of the best options on offer:


Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Select Range' - Brazilian Black paving slabs

Porcelain paving with its stylish good looks offers a good choice in dark grey and black paving options. The Brazilian Black is priced economically and comes with a random style pattern to add interest and contrast.

Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Select Range' - London Black paving slabs

This lightly mottled finish offers contemporary appeal with its simple design. Available in 900x600 and 600x600 size options. As with all porcelain paving, cleaning is kept to a minimum.

Paving Superstore Limestone 'Select Range' - Black paving slabs

Natural limestone starts as a dark, steely grey-black paving material with a gently riven and lightly pitted surface. It gradually lightens in sunlight to become a mid grey colour. Good value and hardwearing.

Strata Paving Riven Limestone 'Whitchurch Range' - Black paving slabs

Black limestone is a natural black when newly quarried and gradually lightens to a mid grey over time. Seal with Pavetuf Back to Black to retain and restore the dark colour. 

Talasey Porcelain 'Vitripiazza' Bellstone - Anthracite paving slabs

A popular choice of porcelain paving from this well established brand. Lightly slip resistant texture and dark, rich velvety tones with a banded colour make this a good choice option for your patio.

Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Ideal 900 Range' - Basalt Nero paving slabs

This porcelain has the appearance of natural basalt with its lightly flecked appearance. Available as large 900x600mm paving slabs means it's great for a contemporary styled finish. 

Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Ideal 900 Range' Cobble Stone - Nero paving slabs

A fabulous 900x600mm size porcelain paver with a mottled finish and slip resistant surface. Easy to care for and perfect for a contempory style garden design.

Paving Superstore Slate 'Select Range' - Black paving slabs

This natural stone slate paving has a satin black finish and a lightly riven surface for a ripped, natural appearance. Natural slate wears well and the subtle difference between the slabs offer characteristics obly seen with a natural material.

Paving Superstore Pro Range Basalt - Indian Black paving slabs

Basalt is similar to granite as it is an igneous rock formed from molten lava that has cooled to form a solid rock. It has a flecked appearance and an occasional sparkle. Exceptionally hardwearing, basalt is more costly than many alternative options.

Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Italiano' - Slate Nero paving slabs

This top of the range authentic Italian porcelain offers exceptional quality in a choice of 900x600 and extra large 1200x600 size paving slabs. Gentle banding breaks up the colour to add interest and style. 

Stonemarket Paving Porcelain 'Fortuna Vitrified' - Black paving slabs

This plain finish porcelain paving slab option offers top notch contemporary appeal and comes in a choice of a mixed size pack, 900x600 or 600x600 slab sizes.

Digby Stone Granite - Impala Black paving slabs

Natural granite in Impala black is a good sturdy option and middle-of-the-road prices when compared to more economical options size as black limestone. Granite is hard wearing and has a flecked appearance. Available as mixed sizes, 600x450 and 600x600 slab sizes. 

How to Incorporate Black Paving into your Garden

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of drama to your garden or simply want to create a more modern look, black paving is the perfect solution. Here are some tips on how to incorporate black paving into your garden:

1. Use black paving to create a focal point.

Whether it’s a beautiful water feature or an eye-catching sculpture, using black paving as a backdrop will make your focal point stand out even more.

2. Create contrast with lighter colours.

If you want to really make your black paving pop, try pairing it with lighter colours such as white or cream. This contrast will really help to bring out the depth and richness of the black colour. Combining lighter paving with a black contrast such as cobble setts, clay pavers or blocks makes a stunning feature. 

3. Use different textures and finishes.

Black paving comes in a variety of different textures and finishes, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect look for your garden. From smooth and satin to rough and textured, there’s a black paving option to suit every taste.

4. Use lighting to create ambience.

Using low-level lights on your black paving will help create an inviting atmosphere and highlight the texture and colour of the stones.

5. Add plants to soften the look.

Using plants around your black paving will help to soften the look and add a bit of colour and texture. Try using evergreen shrubs or low-maintenance ground cover plants for a low maintenance solution that won’t require much upkeep throughout the year.


Wienerberger Clay 'Baggeridge Promenade' - Blue Clay Pavers

The benefit of clay paving is its natural rich colours and retention of the colour compared to concrete block paving which often fades over time. Clay paving undoubtedly improves the appearance of your home.

Natural Paving Riven Limestone 'Fossestone' - Ebony Block Paving

This natural stone block paving may be used on a driveway and laid using the same techniques as concrete block paving. Black limestone paving gradually lightens in sunlight to an attractive grey colour

Marshalls Paving Concrete 'Drivesett Tegula' - Charcoal Block Paving

A steely grey concrete block paving product suitable for driveway use from leading brand, Marshalls, with its long standing excellent industry reputation. 

Natural Paving Antique Limestone ' Cobblestone' - Ebony Setts 

Natural black limestone cobble setts ideal for pathways and edging. Cobbles offer a rustic charm and this limestone gradually lightens in sunlight


Common Questions About Black Patios

Do black patios get hot?

Yes, black patios can get hot. Darker colours like black absorb more sunlight and heat than lighter colours, meaning that the patio surface is likely to be much warmer than a light colour would be. It's best to avoid using dark coloured materials in areas where high temperatures during the day are common.

What are the benefits of a black patio?

One benefit is that black patios can help create a modern look for any backyard or garden setting. The dark colour gives off a sleek vibe that blends well with contemporary landscaping designs, as well as more classic looks such as English gardens and Mediterranean villas. Black also has high reflective properties which make it great for brightening up shaded areas in your yard. It further provides sharp contrast against light coloured plants, making them stand out even more than usual.

What is the difference between granite and basalt paving?

Granite and basalt are both types of igneous rocks, but they have several key differences. Granite is an intrusive igneous rock which means it formed from magma deep inside the Earth's crust. It typically has a medium to coarse grained texture and is composed of quartz, feldspar and mica minerals. Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock meaning it formed from lava erupted at the surface. Basalt usually has a fine-grained texture and contains mostly pyroxene, plagioclase, olivine or magnetite minerals. Additionally, granite tends to be lighter in colour than basalt due to its higher content of light-coloured minerals like quartz and feldspar whereas basalt tends to be darker in colour due to its higher iron and magnesium content.

Does black paving fade?

Some paving stone such as concrete is usually dyed to make it black in which case it will fade over time. Other stone such as black limestone pavving will also lighten in sunlight. Other stone types such as porcelain, basalt, granite and slate paving will not generally fade although they may weather over time. 

How can I restore a faded black patio to black?

Some patio stone such as black limestone will gradually fade in sunlight to a mid grey colour. To restore this to black, use a product such as Pavetuf Back to Black which will not only seal the paving, but also colour it back to black. 

Pavetuf Back to Black

Coverage approx 1 Litre to 5-16sqm

Back to Black is a high performance water based colour reviver and sealer which restores and enhances the appearance of faded black and dark coloured natural stone. Back to Black is especially suited for use on oxidised black and dark limestones, black slate, black granite and concrete paving.

This is a highly effective impregnating formula which provides an advanced breathable protection and superior stain resistance. The treated surface remains permeable to air and water vapour giving long lasting protection. Back to Black dries with a matt finish to give an attractive intensified look.

This sealer is an enviromentally friendly product, completely waterborne, non toxic, solvent and silicone free.

  • Delays the penetration of water and oily liquids allowing time to clean up any spilage to prevent staining
  • UV resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Non hazardous


Black Paving Maintenance

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we are all looking for ways to update our outdoor spaces. If you are thinking of giving your garden a makeover this year, consider using black paving.

Black paving is a stylish and modern choice that can really transform the look of your garden. It is also surprisingly easy to maintain. Here are some tips for keeping your black paving looking its best:

-Sweep regularly to remove dirt and debris. A power washer can also be used on stubborn marks.

-Seal natural stone paving to protect it from staining and fading. This should be done every few years, or as needed. Black limestone paving especially will fade in sunlight, so treat with Pavetuf Back to Black to restore the dark colour tones. 

-Remove any mould or algae as soon as you see it, using a suitable cleaner. Be sure to rinse the area afterwards with clean water.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your black paving looking like new for many years to come!


Black is the perfect choice for a modern and timeless look in your garden this year. It complements other bright colours, as well as neutral tones, adding depth to your outdoor space. From sleek stone sets to textured cobbles, there's an option of black paving that will suit any style or budget. With minimal maintenance required over time, black paving is a great way to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance into your garden oasis and adds instant class to your home and classic, timeless style for many years.