A Guide to Home Growing

It is finally Springtime and after all of the bad weather we have been having, it is time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. One of the best ways to do this is by planting flowers in your garden! All of the brightly coloured flowers make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space and they are fun to look after and watch them grow. Plus, you can also grow your own fruit and vegetable to enjoy in the sunshine! So, what do you need to create your very own flower garden, as well as grow fruit and vegetables? Read our guide to home growing to find out!




Choosing a Greenhouse

It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to grow fruit, vegetables or flowers, they all need somewhere special where they can have space and freedom to grow. This is where a greenhouse comes in handy! You can keep all of your tools and equipment in here and it is great for keeping your fruit, vegetables and flowers separate from your patio or sitting area. The glass lets in plenty of sunlight for them to grow, as well as protecting them from harsh weather and downpours – in other words, perfect for British weather! Plus, it can preserve your flowers since bugs like caterpillars can’t get at them and destroy their leaves. The Halls Cotswold Greenhouse Blockley is just what you need to get started and provides you with a large growing area. It is made of horticultural glass for optimum sunlight and the greenhouse has extra height for making it more comfortable to be in. There are also double doors for better accessibility. All you have got to do is choose your plants, fruit and vegetables to make it look beautiful! If you have a smaller garden or don’t want to grow too many flowers at once, you can choose the Halls Cotswold Greenhouse Birdlip. This has opening lids and two doors for growing your plants and there are two internal shelves and the base, which will fit all of your growing materials. There is acrylic glazing on the greenhouse for durability, as well as the timber being pressured treated. In addition, you can enjoy having a 15-year anti rot guarantee on this mini greenhouse!


Adding Compost to the Soil

Your plants need compost to help them grow and this provides them with the nutrients they need to flourish in your garden. You will add this compost to your soil. If you are just getting started with gardening, you can choose Melcourt Peat Free Compost. You can use this for potting and planting your colourful flowers and you can watch them grow quickly. Paving superstore offers a great range of soils and composts that can cater for your every need!


Creating Mulch

A great way to condition the soil for your fruit, vegetables and plants is to use Melcourt Composted Fine Bark 1 to 10mm as a mulch. This helps to retain the perfect amount of soil moisture for plant growth, as well as regulate the temperature. In addition, it will naturally suppress weeds from growing and protect plant roots. This means you can enjoy the flowers in your garden for longer!